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Thread: Wtt: Small sebenza 21 (pics) updated

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    Exclamation Wtt: Small sebenza 21 (pics) updated

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    I have a USED Small Sebenza 21 dated Feburary 20th 2012 it has slight wear on the handle which if course can be sent in to CRK for a fresh bead blast for 30 dollars. Comes with all of the paperwork and the sticker, blue cloth, lanyard lug, tool, lube, the white box and can throw in a 550 cord lanyard -black- (not the factory original). It has double lugs so its lefty friendly and the balde is in fantastic condition with no visible scratches or scuffs. Lock up and centering is flawless as to expect from CRK, and there is absolutely no blade play in any direction.

    I am now looking for fixed blades preferably but high end folders are also in the mix i really love the strider DB-L or fixed blades like it with kydex sheath, Oakley FUEL CELLS, and maxpedition gear. Please email me as this is the easiest and fastest way for me to contact me.

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    Email, sent

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    email sent

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    email sent with photos of offers.

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    email sent with pix

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    e-mail sent...

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    Emails replied to considering some offers but still on the table.

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    Email sent with offer

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    Sent one a while ago

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    Email sent.

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    Most replied will get to everyone soon. Still available.

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    Exclamation LOOKING FOR STRIDER DB-L or similar fb's for small sebby 21

    I have recently found myself getting into fixed blades mostly the Strider DB-L or knives of similar style and kydex sheath like the ZT 0121. I will do a stright trade with USPS. Please email me if you are interested at here is a link to my post with pics.

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    Do not relist untill 14 have passed. Have a look at the rules here

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