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Thread: Unexpected Knifemaking Support

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    Unexpected Knifemaking Support

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    My neighbor came out of nowhere today and gave me this 8"dia x 36" long SS quenchtank he made.

    He is a millwright for a local company and gets free pickin's at the scrap bin. He said it took him about 20min or so to throw this thing together for me. I have never asked him for anything.... but he does hang out and drink beer with me at the forge. Think he's hinting for a knife? Ha!

    A few years ago, he showed up at the front door with this. He saw it at a yard sale and thought I could use it for handle material...

    Have any of you guys experience unexpected generosity from friends or family?

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    Aside from my father giving me most of his scrap wood (hes a hobby carpenter) and moose/deer antlers, I got about 2 dozen hard firebrick and a 2 foot bar of 1/2" copper from one guy at work and a set of antler from another guy. I was making knives for both of them but thats not why they gave it to me. Nice quench tank though, I could use one like that. Well, maybe not that big :-)

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    I've received handle material.
    That's a sweet tank. you'll need to quench from a ladder!
    I'm sure there's an admonition against that in a sticky.
    how're you gonna heat it? (if you use stuff that needs heating...),
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    Congrats man!

    I'm one of the sharing type - sometimes it's just fun to give stuff to people.

    The guy who gave it to you would probably love something back - even a little necker made from some scrap might make his day.

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    Have any of you guys experience unexpected generosity from friends or family?


    "Family" is more in the "knifemaking isn't a worthwhile use of time" camp (probably why I am absent from holiday get-togethers). The friends I do have do not know enough about knifemaking to even know what would be a gift of sorts, some have asked, but I tell them to not worry about it and if they wish to give me a gift, let it be Whiskey.

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    My neighbor came out of nowhere today and gave me this 8"dia x 36" long SS quenchtank he made.
    I thought you didn't like stainless steel Rick???

    Have you attacked the bandsaw with that nice elk rack yet?

    I had one customer who sent me a Queen Mountain Man folder in D2 and some osage orange that he harvested off his property. Also a freind from BF sold me an anvil and when it arrived
    also came with several nice sets of wood scales and some ferriers rasps for hawk making.......just haven't had the time yet to make any hawks from them yet.

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    Daggum Rick, it must be awesome to have nice neighbors!!!!!
    The only time anyone ever brought anything good around here was when they wanted to sell it, lol!!
    It sure is nice when good things happen to good folks!!!

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    I think he's hinting more towards a sword rather then a knife
    I just got a line on some scrap as well nothing as massive but will suit my needs just fine, I really like the added handles..

    you do realize you're indebted to him now, and beers just wont cut it anymore.. if you don't repay the favor, all of a sudden you will get the cold shoulder, bigtime..

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    One Ol' Boy, stopped into the garage, nodding his head up and down grinnin ear to ear, i started smilin a shut the grinder down, and he introduced himself, and immediately followed with a story about how he'd been speculating with the wife what i was makin as they would drive by! Well he was sure i was making knives, and he was really happy to be correct!! long story short Ted made knives back in the 80's for a stent and had accumalated some materials and was excited to let me know he'd be dropping me off a box of goodies...and he sure did, antler, osage, purple heart, and a big bundle of annealed planer blades!

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    My Dad is always on the lookout for tools and good deals. He has helped me out a ton getting different things for my shop, and letting me use his welder for building all of my tools.
    Here is the latest find from him, a 200lb chunk o' steel. The owner of the shop that my dad got it from even carburized it for free!! Zero ring and it bounces a bearing like a super ball!
    Pretty sweet anvil for a stock removal guy.

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    Who would've thunk that the junk yard man would have my best interests in mind?

    Today I dropped in for a copper purchase and he motions for me to follow him. We round the corner of building and he points, and says "$20.00 and its yours". I had $15.00 in cash. He said "close enough".

    A Record #3 in near mint condition w/ bolts and 2' x 2' x 1/4" drilled steel base plate(in my shed).

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