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Thread: Divot Hole Lube on Wood Handle Scales

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    Divot Hole Lube on Wood Handle Scales

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    I was thinking about making some wood scales for my bk2 and thought about adding a firebow divot to it. If I did indeed do that, what would be the best to lube up the hole so it doesnt burn the scales and ruin/warp them?

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    A paleotribologist turned me on to a natural lube made from of 50/50 mix of dried,powdered slippery elm bark and royal jelly taken from a wild bee gum.

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    Well, one way to avoid the issue is to drill the hole "almost" through the scale. Then, in short order, it will wear itself through the wood to the metal, which would take all/most of the friction away from the wood & transfer it to the metal. If you do use a lube, make sure it has a higher flashpoint than the wood that you are making the coals from.

    You may want to look into "Fluid Film." It has a flashpoint of 405 degrees F. I use this stuff on my vehicles, battery terminals, electrical connections etc, to prevent corrosion. This stuff simply is awesomeness in a can. I can get it at my local John Deere dealer by the aerosol can, or by the gallon, 5 gallon containers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by willis View Post
    ...and royal jelly taken from a wild bee gum.
    Damn. It must be hard to get them to open their little mouths without getting stung!

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