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JSP Bladerigger - James Piorek

Discussion in 'Custom Knife Forum Archive' started by Mick, Apr 7, 1999.

  1. Mick


    Oct 11, 1998
    With interrest I noted the work of Mr. Piorek and would like to get some more information on his products and services. He owns a very well made web site and his catalouge is quite impressive.
    So does anyone here know about him, has ordered something, owns his blades etc.? Your comments would be highly appreciated, since from Europe it´s usually a little difficult to meet some maker personally or to view his products. So this forum seems to be a good way to gather some independent opinions from very knowledgable people.
    Thanks and greetings to all
  2. Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan

    Dec 18, 1998
    I was very interested in his work when he first started advertising in periodicals such as "Fighting Knives". I called him and received a catalogue of his work which included color photos. I was very impressed.

    I finally got to see some of his work at the NYCustom Knife Show a few years ago and was a bit disappointed! For a new knifemaker on the scene, his prices seemed a bit high considering the fit and finish of his knives. I was ready to buy one of his knives but when I was asked to pay $400+ for a knife with a very unappealing resin coated handle, I declined. It looked as though the knife was dipped in some type of rubber and was slowly peeling off. Now I know the resin coat is actually very durable, but for a knife at this price who wants nylon chord wrapped in unaesthetic "rubber"?

    When I pay for a handmade knife at a high price, I want a knife that feels good in the hand - really alive. I just didn't get that feeling with JSP blades at the time.
  3. Bladeandbarrel


    Oct 5, 1998
    JSP makes the BEST carry systems for blades
    in the world. Period.

    IMHO,There are others who make a nicer knife for the money, but no one who can make as good a sheath or shoulder harness.

    You may try sending one of your own knives for one of Piorek's carry systems if you dont like the look of his.
  4. Smoke


    Oct 14, 1998
    I purchased one of JSP's pre production credit card blades. It was sharp but was by no means a utility piece so I sold it as I expected ceramic blade originally.

    I agree w/ the carry systems, he does put a lot of thought into his products. If you can handle the wait, it should be worth it.
  5. chrisJohn


    Oct 4, 1998
    Yep carry systems are great if you can hide a should rig underneath a shirt or a jacket.

    His CC blade is great little piece for fourty bucks, what R Reines is selling them for now. Sharp and beats any airport metal detector, with the exception of Hartford, Conn, but they never look in the wallet. [​IMG]

    Finally got to look at his knives, and I agree that they are overpriced. A2,yes, sharp as they should be, yes, but a semi production piece for 425 bucks? A Mad Dog ATAK isn't even that much yet, and they are a no hold barred blade, hand cut and ground no less.

    JP's prices are just a bit much to swallow.
  6. tattoo


    Nov 7, 1998
    I also think they are a bit pricey,but i have a Archgangel 2 in blk-ti.I have also put a EQ bag opposite the blade and have the manrikegraote and CC blade.Yes the handle is ugly but feels very good in the hand and is quite durable.While i haven't had much time to work with the blade,it does have a live feel to it and James does stand behind his product.After some time wearing the harness rig,it is one of the most comfortable rigs that i have ever owned and will be with me on all of my riding trips.I really like the bag to carry all the stuff i normally would have carried on my belt.Back to the original point:expensive YES,worth it IMHO YES.To bad that set-up doesn't have a trial period,i think if more people had the oppertunity to wear one if these it could change there mind.
  7. Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan

    Dec 18, 1998

    Is the Archangel 2 really worth the price? I'm asking as a potential owner. I mentioned I wasn't too impressed with his work in the above post, but I try to keep my mind open to people's work, and I still am curious about JSP.

    When compared to other fixed blades of similar size such as Lums, Emersons, Polkowskis, RJ Martins, MADDOGS is the price justified? Now, I know JSP's carry systems are ingenious, but the knife itself......Has anyone given these knives a thorough review? I've read the articles/endorsements in the magazines, but what about an objective, serious review?
  8. tattoo


    Nov 7, 1998
    Ronanld Reagan,yes i do think it's worth the money.I have not really had a lot of time to work with this blade from a defensive stand point.If you don't think you would like it,i think you can get the harness system and have James make a sheath for the blade you would like to carry.Hope this helps some.
  9. Paul Davidson

    Paul Davidson

    Apr 3, 1999
    OK, I hesitate to write this for fear of being accused of flaming someone. Let me start out by saying that JSP does make some great harnesses, sheaths, and knives--whether they are overpriced or not depends on how bad someone wants them. BUT, two Blade Shows in a row Mr. Piorek has YANKED knives that I was considering buying out of my hands to hand to someone else. He didn't ask for them back but grabbed them without warning. #1 that is very poor knife etiquette and #2 I doubt I will ever buy anything from him because of it. The first time he did this he handed it to a man in a very expensive looking suit. I wear jeans and t-shirts to shows because I want to be comfortable and because knives are more important to me than clothes. The next year I decided to go back to his table against my better judgement because I really liked his static cord design. This time he did it so that he could show it to a knife industry big wig (who I will not name because it was not their decision). You know what they say about someone twice burned. I was ready to shell out some hard earned cash but not now. Is this personal, well a little, but only a little. There are too many good knifemakers that are good business people for me to give my money to. Like I said Mr. Piorek makes great knives, but I wouldn't do business with any type of establishment that treats a customer like that. I hope that Mike and Spark don't think this is a flame. I doubt that Piorek is going to lose any sleep over losing my business. Mick asked if anyone knew anything about him, and that is the bulk of my experience with JSP.

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