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Ku Klux Klan Limited Edition by Case

Discussion in 'Blade Discussion Forum Archive' started by Dead by Dawn, Sep 20, 2000.

  1. Dead by Dawn

    Dead by Dawn

    Sep 20, 2000
    My dad gave me this knife me for my birthday years ago. Its a Trapper style? Its in a hard case that looks like fake aligator skin, has W.R. Case & Sons Collectors Series. Inside it has a gold lable that says KU KLUX KLAN and has the Case logo with Special Limited Edition. The knife itself has stag handles with a Klansman and red cross, and KU KLUX KLAN etched and painted. The chrome part by the blade is numbered 735. One blade has Ku Klux Klan etched in in old english. The other blade has 4 klansman by a fire, and another in the background putting up a cross. I sent a letter to Case, and they told me one of their accounts produced 2000 to 2400 of the box, and etchings. Anyone have a clue what its worth in 100% mint condition? I hope I havnt offened anyone with this, and am truley sorry if I did.

  2. chad234

    chad234 Banned BANNED

    May 14, 2000
    Well, I am not offended, but that knife has bad karma. Why not send it to the Anti-Delamation League, or a univeristy sociology dept, and let them display it along with other hate group materials. The FBI or another division of the Justice Dept may be intersted in the knife as well. I'll tell you what, send the knife to one of those groups and I'll mail you a new CRKT Pointguard to replace it. I know the value wouldn't be the same, but hate has bad vibes and your better off without them.
    E-mail me if you are interested in my offer and we'll work out the details, I have a couple used knives you may want instead.
    If you think I sound like an idiot and need to get my head out of my a$$, then disregard.
    Either way I hope that your days are filled with peace,

    "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
    George Orwell
    "Those who hold the thin blue line keep order, and insure that anarchy and chaos will not prevail." Chad (1992)
    "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword. He who dies by the sword did not train hard enough" -Chad (1999)
    [email protected]
  3. RH


    Jan 31, 1999
    Bravo, Chad. Good on 'ya.

    I would have to agree. I would not want to hold onto that, or have it in my posession for any length of time. For a collector value, ask Bernard Levine in his forum, or go to the Case forum (I forgot if that's here or at knifeforums.com ?)

    The ADL or NAACP might be interested in taking it as a donation, maybe they have a 'museum' of sorts somewhere. If you can find a buyer, maybe give the proceeds to a charity.

    Oh, and if someon'e offering you a new Point Guard - grab it !
  4. Jake Evans

    Jake Evans

    Dec 13, 1999
    I have to disagree with you guys, this knife is no worse than Nazi knives or a knife from any other unpopular group/cause. Don't get me wrong, I don't follow the Klans beliefs or any of that crap, but this is a collectable knife, nothing more. I think there are collectors of unusual knives that would pay well for it, it is after all a very unique piece.

  5. Kdarmy


    Oct 5, 1998
    First off...Welcome to the Forums! [​IMG] I see your in Cincinnati also [​IMG]

    As for your knife, Ive seen these type before at shows, but not sure of the price. The ones I see most are made by I believe, Kissing Krane with a silver inlay of a klansman in the black handle, these sell for about 60-70. Not sure about your Case though.

    I dont agree with hate groups either, but it is a part of our US history, I would keep it and when it was to be shown to say a younger person I would explain about these type of groups.

    Keith D.Armacost
    If The Women Don't Find You Handsome,
    At Least Let Them Find You Handy. R.G.
  6. Steve B.

    Steve B.

    May 25, 1999
    KKK memorabilia, as well as other racist, pre-civil rights era stuff, do have their collectors. (Some are even African-American.) I really can`t accept the arguement that there is any "bad karma" associated with these objects, any more than I can accept there is "bad karma" associated with collecting potentially lethal knives!

    As for value, I can remember seeing a few Case/KKK Stockmen on ebay, but I don`t remember what they went for. I haven`t seen these listed in any of my knife books.

    As this was a gift from your father, I doubt you`d want to part with it. Don`t worry about "hate vibes" associated with owning a piece of history, albeit ugly history. It`s just a pocket knife, for crying out loud!
  7. TomMarker


    Feb 22, 1999
    I think the only thing I'm offended of is the fact that Case made a knife for the KKK. [​IMG]

    I agree that the knife is bad ju-ju. It has "collector value" but does that make it OK? If I snuck into a cemetary and dug up Jim Morrison's head, it would have "collector value"

    If your moral values are so easily comprimised by telling yourself "shucks, I could make some money off it" then you should be re-examining your values, IMNSHO.

    I'd do what Chad did, or I'd burn the POS.

    But then, I'm in a bad mood, and haven't had any caffeine yet, so maybe you should disregard this message
  8. I don't care if you keep the knife or not. It is your property and do what you wish. I have seen Case Ku Klux Klan knives before and that is one reason why I no longer collect Case knives. I believe in free speech and that includes people like the Klan, however, I am under no obligation to support companies that chose to produce things that are flagrantly offensive to me as an African American. To me, the Klan knives are different from Nazi memorabilia because the Nazi government has been defeated and its leadership was severely punished. Genuine Nazi memorabilia are simply artifacts of an earlier era. The Klan, however, is still alive and functional and still engages in acts of evil like the killing in Jasper, Texas last year. That is why I find Case's willingness to accept a contract from these people so disturbing.
  9. Old Knife Guy

    Old Knife Guy Banned BANNED

    Sep 19, 2000
    I don't buy the 'kharma' issue. At the turn of the century, the night-riders in the movie, "Birth of a Nation" were the heroes. In the 1970's, people bought and competed with AR-15's because it was the 'rifle of our country.' In today's paper in my home-town, Madison, WI, a scandal is brewing because a photo was doctored (pasting in the 'head' of an African-American to make the photo look more diverse). The KKK knife is a knife, and someday we'll look at hate speech and PC attitudes as a ridiculous sell-out of our national rights.--OKG
  10. Kodiak PA

    Kodiak PA Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 3, 1998
    The easiest way to find the current collector's price of these knives (or any production piece) is to go to Ebay and type in Case KKK knife and you will see what these are going for.

    I am disappointed that Case chosed to produce these knives. I think Anthony makes some excellent points.

    A knife is a knife...but I would never give my child this type of knife.

    Not offended....just my opinion. Welcome to our fourm.

    ~Greg Mete~
    Kodiak Alaska
  11. Matt Shade

    Matt Shade

    Nov 24, 1999
    Welcome to the forums.
    It would be interesting tom know what the knife is worth, but I would keep it. Not that I'm in to the whole clan thing or agree with that stuff, but it is just a knife and it was a gift from your dad. Some of you may say that it isn't just a knife because of the message it gives, but I say take it how you want to. The clan is part of history and that won't be changed. Someday it may be gone, or maybe it won't. Theres only so many things you can keep in this world and memories of your family should be one of them. You probably don't need the knife to remember your father but its one more thing form him that you have.
    As for not buying case, I think thats a little extreme. After all it isn't the year 2000 limited addition clan knife is it? It sounds to me like this knife is fairly old. Times have changed and so have opinions.Back when that knife was made, being politically correct probably wasn't on a lot of peoples minds. To bad things can't go back to that way of thinking. If people quit taking offense to such little issues as words, there would be alot less trouble. Its only offensive if you choose to take offense to it. And chances are its a different group of people in charge of designing and marketing case knives now than whe the knife was made, so why shut yourself out of buying good knives just because a company did somehting a long time ago when it was run by different people that you don't agree with?

    It'll feel better when it stops hurting.
  12. dogboye

    dogboye Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 23, 1999
    Keep it, Dead. Your dad gave it to you. While I'm offended by the KKK personally (and I'm white), the knife is from an earlier time apparently. It is a piece of history.

  13. Normark


    Nov 7, 1999
    Hey Guys...

    I'd have to agree with Antony Cheesey-dude...

    I won't own something like that..It would bother me too much...

    If I came into something like that I'd sell it or dispose of it in some way...

    ttyle Eric...

    On/Scene Tactical
    Leading The Way In Quality Synthetic Sheathing
  14. Dead by Dawn

    Dead by Dawn

    Sep 20, 2000
    I had no thoughts of selling it. Just because my dad did give it to me. When most young boys were growing up their dads got them ball gloves, and bats, and such. My dad gave me knives and guns. I have the first knife he ever gave me. I was 12 yrs old, that was 31 yrs ago, and it is in mint condition today. It is a Case that has finger guards on it like a switch blade. They lay flat till you open the knife.

  15. BalisongMan


    Mar 10, 2000
    Just give me 2 knives and a sword, put me in the middle of all of the rascist groups and I'll kick all of there a$$e$, I would enjoy it too because they are all pieces of crap with shi**y views and f**cked up hatred for people, it doesn't make any sense. sorry if no one likes my post, if someone is extremely offended then I'll reword it but that is just how I feel about these "people"

    "It takes a killer...to stop a killer" [​IMG]
  16. chad234

    chad234 Banned BANNED

    May 14, 2000
    I absolutely agree, I believe in free speech, almost as much as the RKBA. An armed person is a citizen, an unarmed one a subject. The same goes for the freedom of speech. As much as I disagree with the hatred and filth that KKK pigs spew, and I have absolutely no respect for them or their beliefs, I do accept that they are entitled to the same rights as any of us. But like many of you, I will support them, or any one who does support them. I know that I will not be buying any Case products (and if I had any I'd trash them.)
    Treat others as you would have others treat you,

  17. Owen


    Aug 23, 2000
    Just wanted to say that the current organization that people refer to as the "KKK" bears no resemblance to the original Ku Klux Klan. It's just a group of idiots who attached a recognizable name to themselves. The real Klan was started during the Reconstruction of the South. It was disbanded shortly thereafter.
    The Klan in it's original incarnation was more of an elaborate neighborhood watch, and protection agency. Vigilantism is necessary if there is no law enforcement. The original KKK is long gone, just like the aforementioned Nazis.
    We could decide to call the Bladeforums membership list the "Dallas Cowboys", too, but it wouldn't mean anything.
    I personally hate this modern "KKK", and the way it negatively affects people's views of our true heritage, and the perception it gives others of Southerners in general.

    ...stepping down from soapbox......

    Anyway, sounds like an interesting piece. Sorry, I have no idea what it's worth, but as a gift from your dad, and being something you don't see that often, it's worth hanging on to.

    btw, let me correct myself, there still is a Nazi Party, so I guess we should all still be offended by Nazi memorabilia. Now I'll have to get rid of this dress saber-even though it came off a dead one [​IMG]

    [This message has been edited by Owen (edited 09-20-2000).]
  18. TomW


    Oct 7, 1998
    Like all rational people I hate the clan and what it stands for but find it interesting seeing people say they believe in free speech also say they will not buy any Case products because they made the knife. I feel just the opposite.
    I'd be more inclined to boycott a company that refused to make the knife.

    [This message has been edited by TomW (edited 09-20-2000).]
  19. Raptor


    Aug 31, 2000
    Hi All,

    To Dead Dawn..How old is the knife in question??
    I couldn't help but think about "Private Label Commerative Knives". These are knives that were purchased from companies like Case and then redesigned/reworked by a "knife customizer" who would either etch the blade, change the handle material, and change the box/wrapping as well.
    I'm not sure exactly when this began, but, I believe that it was popularized around the 70's.
    If this was the case (pardon the pun), then it would be possible that Case knives may not have known of such a use of their knives until after their release. This would be considered a "non-factory production knife".

    I do not know if it would be possible for such a situation to exsist, but, I would be reluctant to put a personnel ban on Case knives until I heard their side of the story.

    --The Raptor--
  20. Richard

    Richard BOUNCED EMAIL: I need to update my email address in my profile!

    Oct 3, 1998
    Ok, here I go again showing how poor my memory is. I think I remember reading that Case only makes the knives, but that many of the commemratvies were done as after market deals. So, its possible that Case had nothing to do with it. I think I'll go post a question to Bernard Levines forum.

    icq 61363141
    Just some knife pictures

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