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Looking for a indestructible container.

Discussion in 'Wilderness & Survival Skills' started by HK2001, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. HK2001


    May 3, 2005
    I'm looking for a fairly inexpensive, but nearly immortal storage container for a home base kit.. My requirements are fairly simple: Waterproof, able to take a serious beating, lockable, and big enough to store 2 weeks of supplies (excluding water) for 4 people in.

    Nothing to big... I live in a 500 sq ft apartment.. so something like a 55 gallon drum is out of the question..

    With 8 (9?) named storms so far, we're only going to get much worse in August and September, so I've decided it's better to be seriously overprepared, then get screwed because my BoB was crushed, burned, or whatever.. I simply what something that can double as an end table, or can stash in a closet, or under the bed... or whatever. That I can paint Hunter Orange, Fill up, and Lock up.. and always know it's there... even if I have to dig through the rubble to get it.
  2. pastorsoup


    Feb 18, 2005
    Would some of the larger Pelican or Otter Boxes work? They seem to be very strong, waterproof, and lockable. They come in a variety of sizes so you could probably get exactly what you want as far as volume goes. I think you can even get the Otter Boxes in a very bright yellow or orange color designed for high visibility. This would save you the time, money, and energy of having to paint it yourself. I'm sure there are other possibilities but those were the first to come to mind.



  3. frediver


    Nov 10, 2000
    What is your price range? Are you willing to do some work? Do you have a weight limit ?
    You could weld up a plate box then enclose it in a wood frame "inside" a coffee table. Or build a reinforced metal box for under your bed.
    Other than that you can sometimes find fiberglass cargo/shipping containers for electronic components etc., but they can be pricey. Larger Pelican cases would work but are also VERY pricey.<><
  4. Walkabout


    Jul 28, 2003
  5. alco141


    Mar 28, 2001
    i would pick up a couple of long gun or handgun cases they are pretty waterproof and lock, and are pretty sturdy, the foam could be left in or removed as needed. the other thing is that they are not very expensive. also they are flat and would fit under a sofa or a chair.

  6. State


    Apr 5, 2003
    I agree with PastorS. The pelican cases are excellent and I've used them in many different sizes over the years without complaint. They are virtually indestructible, waterproof, lockable and most sizes can be purchased in Orange, Silver, or Black. Not sure what your price range is but the larger ones generally run about $150 +/-. They also have a lifetime guarantee. If one breaks in any way, you can send it back and they'll send you a new one.

    Not to pry, but 500 sq feet is pretty small. My place isn't much bigger but you mentioned that you needed supplies for 4 people? Just curious.
  7. Evolute


    Mar 19, 2001
    Perhaps a large ice chest?

  8. fixer27


    Nov 17, 2004
    If you are DIY sort of person why not use the empty ammo cans from
    30mm shells. they are durable. cheap,and waterproof. I think I have
    seen them at gunshows for 7 bucks each.

    You will have to fabricate a locking mechanisim though. A hasp wielded to
    each side should do the trick.
  9. sidecarr


    Jul 17, 2005
    how about a small construction job box , I have a greenlee thats about the size of a small coffee table has two conceled padlocks is all steel and waterproof , my garage flooded several years ago the box was under water, thought my power tools were shot when the water receded the box was dry inside , jobox also makes good boxes, if you have a grainger aroud or any construction supply house, you should be able to pick one up for about $100
  10. Wharf Rat

    Wharf Rat

    Apr 5, 2003
    Evolutes's ice chest idea is a great one. i have moved all over the world and used them for moving delicate stuff. They also serve the double duty as cooler. Another option is a metal tool box. They can be a little pricey but will last a lifetime. I have some made of sheet metal that have taken a severe beating and still going strong. (approx 2'l x 2'd x 1.5'w)

    Good luck!!

  11. Badge54


    Jan 30, 2005
    A Hard side briefcase from one of the major department stores might work. I got a leather lockable one for under $20.00 on sale. I gutted it and cut foam to fit. Doesn't draw the same attention as a Handgun case. I can walk in and out of anywhere. I have one set up with ham radio gear in it, enough to set up a small station on 2 meter.

    Formarly Gadget54

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