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THE CRK Birthday Wish List

Discussion in 'Chris Reeve Knives' started by Corytr, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. parkboys

    parkboys Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 7, 2017
    I'm looking for 8-20- any year left or right.
  2. Corytr

    Corytr Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 10, 2013
    There is on on the FB BST right now
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  3. 59ride


    Dec 22, 2016
    thanks mate, i seen it but was too late :(
  4. Squidman24

    Squidman24 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 23, 2015
    December 1st 2010 - any model with a large Sebenza 21 being highly preferred.
  5. wisemenofgotham

    wisemenofgotham Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 28, 2017
    User 5/28 or 6/7/16 large CRK, prefer Insingo blade or Umnumzaan
    Last edited: May 16, 2017
  6. ndmiller

    ndmiller Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Nov 30, 2015
    5/20 any year inkosi
  7. CorraBlade

    CorraBlade Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 19, 2017
    5/25/2014 Small Sebenza, no inlays, Insingo or regular
  8. Santana San

    Santana San Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Feb 13, 2016
    I am selling a may 31 2006 annual with buckeye if you want. If still available why you check this ill give you a slight discount if its on your bday or dob wishlist. (May 31)
  9. Lone_Wolfe

    Lone_Wolfe Dazed and Confused Platinum Member

    May 3, 2011
    He's looking for March 31.

  10. Santana San

    Santana San Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Feb 13, 2016
    misread that. oops! thanks for the correction.
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  11. tmd_87

    tmd_87 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 29, 2016
    November 27th, 2009 any year, my son's birthday (damn that was a friday) or June 2, 2012 any year (damn that was a saturday) my wedding anniversary!
    Sebenza or Inkosi
    Last edited: May 22, 2017 at 3:53 AM

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