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  1. canineforge

    Bose Knives

    Tony was the best. Influenced so many. Will miss him profoundly. - Joe
  2. canineforge

    Don Hanson Large Trapper

    A real Hanson beauty!! That knife has so many great things going for it. Congrats, and enjoy! - Joe
  3. canineforge

    Hunting knife

    Phillip, I will take it. Brown sheath? - Joe
  4. canineforge

    SOLD **Big Game Hunter/W2 Hamon

    Awesome hunter! Thanks, Carl. - Joe
  5. canineforge

    Pattern Weld Chef. SOLD

    GL, I will take it. - Joe
  6. canineforge

    My 2019 knives

    Always a favorite thread. Some great work this year, Phillip. I love my micarta hunter. I believe I bought your first damascus piece sold on the BF exchange many moons ago. Keep up the outstanding work! - Joe
  7. canineforge

    Drop point hunter

    Still available? I will take it, if so. Dark brown/vertical sheath would work. - Joe
  8. canineforge

    Drop point hunter

    Sweet hunter, Phillip. - Joe
  9. canineforge

    Large pattern welded chef knife

    Beauty, Phillip! - Joe
  10. canineforge

    SOLD, Ten, 6" Utility Fighter, Micatra, colors

    Olive drab, G-10. Thanks. - Joe
  11. canineforge

    DH3 Goodness

    Good stuff, Dudley! Two awesome examples of Don's work! - Joe
  12. canineforge

    My Blade Show Haul

    Great haul, Dudley! Two awesome makers, a fan of their work here. You done good! :-) - Joe
  13. canineforge

    Camp Axe SOLD

    GL, I will take it. Thanks, Joe
  14. canineforge

    Terry Primos...

    I still have a camp knife and hunter set from Terry with walnut handles. The best I remember, he got the walnut at the time from Jerry Fisk. Jerry might be a good person to contact for Terry's updated info. - Joe
  15. canineforge

    Tony Bose in hall of fame

    Congratulations, Tony! Special recognition for a special maker! - Joe
  16. canineforge

    Show your Paul Long Sheaths!

    A trio, several years ago. Kyle Royer, Don Hanson, Ted Dowell (Model 2) sheaths. - Joe
  17. canineforge

    Show your Paul Long Sheaths!

    Huge fan of Paul's work, here. Had my first one made around 15-years ago. Paul is the best! - Joe
  18. canineforge

    What's Your Pleasure? Update - With New Knife

    Wide guard (top), cut back on spacer width would be my input. - Joe
  19. canineforge

    WIP-Fikes Jungle Honey - Finished pictures added!

    Awesome result, Phillip! Thanks for taking the time for this WIP. - Joe