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    Edge Hits Back Spring on Boker Stockman Knife Shaped Object

    Don't file, don't dremel, don't punch. These things might work... if you know what you are doing... if you are lucky. The simplest, foolproof fix is to cut some soft-ish material (I prefer synthetic wine cork), thick enough to wedge between the scales, and place it where the blade will impact...
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    Case Blackhorn

    I think they're quite nice. Small, narrow lockback, worry-free construction. Excellent ergonomics, IMO. A very good edc for knife nuts and non knife nuts. They aren't very expensive. At all. I think it may be the least expensive actual knife Case offers. Case does some occasional runs of these...
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    Chinese clones of Chinese brands

    I think the drug comparison fits quite well. Patents don't say anything about who makes a drug or even its efficacy. It simply grants a monopoly for a fixed period of time. What gets me about knife nuts is how vociferously some defend "intellectual property" as if we have a stake in other...
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    Recommendation? Classic Apple Knife

    The Case Slimline Trapper is a great choice. An outside choice: Opinel Slimline. They don't usually get too expensive, even in exotic woods, and the bolster/lock is stainless. But they are excellent apple cutters.
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    Rough Rider & Related Slipjoints

    Anyone willing to verify that they truly are carbon steel? We've been going around and around on this for, like, a couple years now, and I've yet to see one of these knives that are indisputably carbon steel, because the descriptions were worded a little too ambiguously, and nobody was able to...
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    Best Bushcraft Grind?

    "I checked out the Terava knives, and while they do look awesome, I feel a Mora might be better suited for my budgetary needs. Won't a Mora help me experience Scandi grind also?" Yes. The plain old Mora 511 is pretty good, and can be found for less than $10 shipped in in the US. I think these...
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    Morakniv Classic 3

    Mora 3 next to my Buck 119. My Mora Classic #1 and a SAK Victorinox Recruit included for scale.
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    Buck vs Case vs Boker slipjoints?

    The only Bokers I've handled recently were from the Boker Plus line, made in China, and very well made. Stated to have 440C. Fairly limited patterns, I think only in synthetic colored scales. These are probably the least expensive among the brands you've listed, can be found for under $10...
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    Sanrenmu 7010 vs CRKT Drifter

    The SRM 710/7010 is a very good knife. Copies are fair game, unless CRK actually did the work to own the design. AFAIK, this was never done. Even if it was, the legalities of US based intellectual property may not even apply to gray market items sourced from a different country. All this talk of...
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    Do You Trust Half-Stops?

    I like half stops in general. There are a few knives, such as Douk Douks, that would be pretty scary without them. But I only find them useful when they're "hard" half stops. As far as trusting half stops, I'm not sure what there is to trust. I trust every half stop to be a half stop.
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    Opinions on Case Russlocks?

    I think they may just not rub a lot of traditionalists in a good way. But I like them quite well. As much as I like the aesthetics of traditionals, the functionality of one hand opening cannot be denied, and that can be hard to come by among "traditional" knives. I currently have two, a...
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    Buck Rival 364: Country of Origin?

    Didn't mean to raise hackles. I think it's a legit question. Buck has a history of playing up the idea of "US made", "onshoring", and so on. While I'm not particularly interested in US-only products, it is an issue for plenty of people. Just wanted to figure out what gives, since differing info...
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    Buck Rival 364: Country of Origin?

    I'm just curious. Buck seems typically cagey/not very organized about some info, where their website says one thing, but vendors say another. I kind of like the smaller synthetic handled one hand opener. Seems to overlap with the Bucklite Max and Bantam series, though both seem to have trimmed...
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    Reformed ...back on the porch though.

    I dipped my toes in steel snobbery, but after much experimentation, I've concluded that for a pocket knife, steel really isn't all that critical. Gain in one characteristic, usually lose in another. And geometry tends to be a severely overlooked equalizer to boot. These days, if I can sharpen...
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    Rough Rider Fixed Blades

    Yes, RR seems to source knives from different places. Most of their traditionals seem to be from the same place, though I think there are a few exceptions. Their fixed blades are more variable. Some are pretty nice. They did a Loveless style fixed that's very nice. Some are Pakistani. They even...
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    Don't fear the hipster

    Knives have a long history of being man-baubles. Only moreso in the modern era. This very active forum is testament to that fact, catering to all the styles, all the markets, allowing users to stratify users and makers into a hierarchy of good, bad, etc. The market is flooded with really neat...
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    Suggestions for a quality, utility, non-locking knife?

    It sounds like the requirements transcend what passes for a "traditional" knife around here. There are a good selection of knives these days that will not fall within this forum's parameters, but will fall into yours. I'm rather fond of some of Sanrenmu offerings in the non-lock blade...
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    Case Bose 2017 knife

    The Tribal lockback got my hopes up. I've been looking for a nice lockback, but about 3 1/8" to 3 3/8" max, closed, for quite a while. Some good possibilities out there, but I held off just to make sure I get the perfect one. Along comes the Tribal. Saw the specs and my heart sunk. Oh well. I...