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    Advice on how to narrow down collection

    Well I only buy a knife that I will carry or use....... If I buy a knife and decide it's not for me, I give it to someone that will appreciate it. This is especially enjoyable when you give a great quality knife to someone that couldn't afford to buy it....... I keep my collection small. If I...
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    Which of my knives should I not carry on me?

    Not really a matter of weight....... Concerning police......... in Pittsburgh the are generally fine with someone carrying a knife. Although carrying 5 knives will not seem logical especially if you can't give a reasonable answer why.
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    Which of my knives should I not carry on me?

    How often do you use any of knives you carry? If you are carrying knives that you do not use. Ask yourself why am I carrying these knives. Do I think you are carrying too many knives yes. If for any reason you are stopped by police it is going to seem suspicious having so many potential weapons...
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    Is one of your EDC abused Blade ?.

    Ontario RAT 1 or 2........ Best all around folding knife I've found. Price that you can't beat and not afraid to use as a beater!
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    Knives you have most fun with

    A knife with an Axis style lock.......easy open.......easy close.
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    Recommendation? Girlfriend buying knives

    You met a woman that likes knives..... I think she is a keeper. Take her out some afternoon for lunch and then to a knife store. Look over the knives and explain a few things. When she sees a knife that she likes buy it for her. Price isn't the the only thing that decides quality. Find a style...
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    What's your favorite locking mechanism and why?

    Axis lock.....easy open.....easy close. My fingers are never near the blade when closing.
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    Small Folders

    I also carry 3" blade daily. With a basic blade shape. Most people don't give a second look to a knife that looks like a tool. Although some styles are great; if the knife is too tactical it can give the appearance of a weapon. This is especially true at work.
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    I guess I got carried away this month.

    Well..... money is going to be tight because loss of work this year. Also I find that I have my favorites; five or six knives I really like and carry. There is one benchmade I am interested in BM Mini Osborne, that I would buy and use. Although it will be when I have $175 to spend without any...
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    You know you got em - "gas station" knives

    I live in pittsburgh Pa around here station & convenient's stores don't sell knives. Usually it is immigrant owned variety stores or small indepent owned hardware stores.
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    If the clothes make the man, or the woman??

    I'm looking for a black patent leather sheath so I can tastefully carry when wearing my tuxedo......LOL
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    Wearing of the Green

    Everyone can be honorary Irish on St Paddy's Day ! Love the green....glad to see you had some fun.....
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    Knife confessions

    I am envious of those that can legally buy and otf knife. Live in Pennsylvania where otf knives are not legal :(
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    The practice of loaning knives

    Problem 1 Loaning knives to people that don't know how to use them. Problem 2 If the knife isn't theirs, there has less concern about damage. Problem 3 Most people buy cheap knives. Mostly likely believe it is not a cost issue if they damage the knife. I have also had this issue with tools.
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    Recommendation? Knives poll. Which one?

    None of the above..... Happy with a 3" to 3.5" folding knives, cost $50 to $175 . Most of my knives cost $74 to $100 .
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    Bugout or Bailout ??

    I own a Bailout with aluminum scales. I really like it. I would buy a Bug Out if Benchmade put steel liners or aluminum scales on it. Benchmade's concern about weight.....just feels cheap. Not buying after market scales. Never understood the name.......not a knife I would want in a bug out.
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    What SOG are you carrying/using today?

    SOG Terminus XR black/black. Love this knife, easy open - easy close and a great blade shape.
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    Tanto Blades?

    I like tanto blades....... Most tanto blades have a hard angle, when I sharpen the blade I don't try to keep the angle and let it become a smooth curve. Like the original blades from Japan.
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    The old fart's penknife.

    I was a watch collector......... When I accumulated about 35 watches I realized I had more than I really needed or wanted. I regularly wore 4 watches they were my favorites in style, function and comfortable to wear. Have all the others away. My dad enjoyed the watches I gave him and my friends...
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    What's your pajama knife??

    I don't carry a knife at home unless working on a project. Have a knives in different places........always one close.