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  1. J

    Cover Shots

    Thanks, the "faux" skunk is actually a clone of my dogs fur. :)
  2. J

    first benchmade first impressions?

    My first Benchmade was a 556 mini grip. I have a few Benchmades and Spydercos and they are all great knives. My favorite is the 556 mini. I have an old single blade slipjoint that may be 70 or so years old. I look at the mini grip as the incarnation of that tool with modern refinements...
  3. J

    GEC 25s - Gots 'em?

    Patriotic Acrylic
  4. J

    Show me your whittlers and whittles

    I've only whittled these 3 ball and cages. I found the Byrd Meadowlark to be a great whittling knife. I used the Byrd Robin on one of the cages, but the handle was so small it began to dig into my palm. The Meadowlark was just right. I sharpened it with a Sharpmaker and stropped it...
  5. J

    Buck info

    Very well made stockman. It's a handy little knife.
  6. J

    multitool for carpenter?

    How about a Swiss Tool Spirit? Great Vic saw and smaller than the Swiss Tool.
  7. J

    Let's see some Swiss Army Alox Collections!!

    30 + y/o Pioneer with a newer, well used Pioneer 3 Pioneer, 1 Soldier, 1 Farmer Scibeer Modified Climber Cadet2
  8. J

    What did you use your multi-tool for today?

    Used the main blade on my Rambler to cut a weeks worth of my moms pills in half.
  9. J

    GEC: Purple Haze Acrylic

    I like the acrylics. They're unique and IIRC they make for a tough, durable handle. I'd like to have the purple haze in a Barlow or Scout.
  10. J

    kinda disappointed....

    I've been impressed with the mini-grip for a few years while the full size grip sat unused. I could close the mini more easily due to its size. The butt of the handle sits against my lower palm and I pull down on the axis buttons with thumb and ring finger, push the blade toward the handle...
  11. J

    Do you have a Benchmade Mini Grip 556. (How do you like it)

    The mini-grip 556 is a knife every knife enthusiast should have in their collection, IMO. Perfect size and the axis lock works well.
  12. J

    Favorite SAK Alox

    I have an pristine red farmer that looks just like how yours looked in the photo. :)
  13. J

    Favorite SAK Alox

    Can't vouch for that, I haven't carried it for a number of years. It did get several years of use. Luckily, they are affordable knives.
  14. J

    Pocket Beast.

    Big Jack Scout
  15. J

    Favorite SAK Alox

    Thanks HikingMano and I really like the look of your worn, blue Farmer.
  16. J

    Favorite SAK Alox

    My favorite is my 30 + y.o. Pioneer. I love the look of worn alox and like the simple cross on my old one.
  17. J

    synthetic handles

    GEC acrylics: patriotic, watersnake and dead skunk... OT delrin micarta micarta with shell inlay