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  1. J

    Recommendation? CPM-3V Bushcraft / Survival Fixed Blade.

    Which knife is that? Really like the design.
  2. J

    Benefits of "old timey" why do so many still carry and EDC?

    I started with a Buck 110 in the 70's, but found it a little bulky and heavy in the pocket, although an awesome knife with great history. I moved on to a Puma 470 lockback, much slimmer and lighter with the aluminum bolsters. Also seemed to get, and stay, sharper than the Buck. Still have the...
  3. J

    Top 3 Steels

    M390 M4 S35VN
  4. J

    Contego or Gayle Bradley 2?

    If you remove the CF scales, and very slightly relieve the cutout for the liner lock, just about 1/16" back so it is flush with the CF scales, it improves the access to and ease of using the liner lock. I've done this on both the GB and GB2, and it is hardly noticeable, but makes (to me, anyway)...
  5. J

    Does anyone have experience with knives by Arno Bernard?

    Thanks, I had the chance to hold one once, and I can't get out of my mind how it just melted into my hand. Been jonesing for one ever since.
  6. J

    Does anyone have experience with knives by Arno Bernard?

    Is that the Bongo? I've been thinking about getting one. How would it work as an all round small sheath knife?
  7. J

    The 1st cut is the deepest. Do you still own your 1st CRK?

    Technically, no. I bought my first, a large 21 sebenza plain jane (fortunately from a B&M store), and the next day took it back and swapped it for a large 21 micarta drop point with micarta scales. I figured that I would never spend this much on a knife again, so might as well get the micarta...
  8. J

    Spyderco Top 3 favs

    1) Anything by Gayle Bradley (GB, GB2, Junction, Advocate) 2) Military 3) Southard
  9. J

    Which knife industry person/people would you like to have a beer with?

    Chris Reeve, I'm dying to get his personal thoughts on the change from carbidized titanium lockbar to ceramic ball!
  10. J

    Different kind of Insingo swedge

    Very interesting!
  11. J

    Large Sebenza 21, natural micarta inlays, insingo blade

    I'll take it if you'll ship to Canada (Ontario)
  12. J

    Sebenza 1st timer- for anyone else thinking about it here were some surprises

    I really don't understand the dislike of the CRk thumbstud. Once you get used to pushing on the side of the thumbstud to open the knife, it feels perfectly natural. It's not meant to be used by applying a lot of pressure to the top of the stud.
  13. J


    I'd throw the Guardian 3 into that mix in a nanosecond...
  14. J

    Warts and all - the truth of a well carried wood inlay 21

    Looks like it has stood up to use really well.
  15. J

    Who here is kinda useless without their Sebenza?

    I feel naked without one...
  16. J

    Help me pick a small fixed blade

    What about the Guardian 3? fantastic leather sheath, hardly noticeable on the belt, and very sharp in M390 drop point.
  17. J

    How Many Knives Do You Own

    Probably 30 or so. Favourite EDC is my CRK Sebenza Insingo 21 plain jane
  18. J

    Sebenza 31 Lock Rock?!

    I agree. I don't find the recent statement from CRK to be particularly illuminating. I think we all understand that the ceramic ball itself is going to be harder than the heat treated titanium lock face of the 21 lock bar, but that is not the same thing as insinuating that the entire 31 lock...
  19. J

    Fluted Titanium

    I had one and sold it. What a dolt!