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  1. pappasmurf

    Tagua Nuts

    The natural color of a fresh nut is bone white. They slowly yellow with age, looking like old ivory. They can also be fried (boiled in vegetable oil) to achieve colors ranging from pale caramel to darkest brown.
  2. pappasmurf

    Spydercos Needs too move

    Will take the Spyderco Manix 2 XL Moonglow GITD
  3. pappasmurf

    Sold thanks BF

    Interested in the SATU. Is it $250? Would you have a couple of pictures?
  4. pappasmurf

    Thinking outside the box

    Thank you Mr Fowler! I really appreciate your assistance.
  5. pappasmurf

    Thinking outside the box

    I just read that article. I NEED one of those knives. Does Mr Lambert have a website or email address?
  6. pappasmurf

    Harner and JSmith for sale

    Hi, Is the J Smith small backpocket knife still available? If so, would you be at all interested in shipping to Bermuda? If possible, I would prefer to pay with PayPay, and have no problem adding extra for fees, shipping and insurance. Thanks, jim
  7. pappasmurf

    Paid Membership

    Thank you. That was quick. Much appreciated.
  8. pappasmurf

    Paid Membership

    Hi, I imagine that I am doing something wrong, or not correctly following instructions, but I have a problem. I just paid for membership, DATE: 1-Mar-2009 ORDER #: 70294 REFERENCE #: 129632 Now the instructions say; "After you've paid for your subscription REMEMBER TO CHANGE...
  9. pappasmurf

    Original SOG Tomcat

    No problem with the wait. Sorry, but I don't seem to be able to PM as a basic member, and they wont take credit cards for paid membership. I'd prefer not to post my address in an open forum, but you can email me if you wish. dundee at northrock.bm (replace at with @)