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    How do you carry your BK11's

    In the pocket or on my belt with paracord loops.
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    What kitchen knife do you use most frequently?

    Are you talking about a cimeter? You can find them on most sites that sell kitchen or butchery knives.
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    The Distinctive Edge ?????

    Edit: never mind, you already found the thread, editing out my link.
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    Case Sodbuster Jr/Opinel Equivalent

    Twist the metal collar.
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    beater knife advice, and tip sharpening

    >First,i have noticed I can get a good edge on my knives but the tip usually ends up rounded off What are you sharpening with?
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    Giving Away a few Kydex Sheaths... Closed - Now sorting out the winners.

    Awesome. I'd like a chance at number 8, please.
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    Recommend a good ceramic rod?

    I've bought the 3 dollar e-bay rods and I've used my white Lansky turn-box rods. I can't tell a different at all but I just use them for touch ups.
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    Up-Armored BK7 GIVEAWAY

    Nice, I'm in. Watched the video, the mods look really nice.
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    Becker Necker San Mai

    Keeps a great edge. The plastic sheath scuffs it up during use and makes it look way more used than it is, though.
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    Anyone know what this knife is?

    Can you take a closeup of the stamp?
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    I used to have an Accusharp, it scrapes metal from the edge, I'm not sure that is what you want. I also have the Lansky turn box with the gray and white rods. It is good if your knife has an already established edge and you just want to touch it up. If the knife is very dull it isn't that great...
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    convexing bk2

    Those grits will work.
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    convexing bk2

    I convexed mine using the videos on knivesshipfree. Any of the convexing tutorials will work, though. If I'm not supposed to directly link to the site please remove the link.
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    Using a Light My Fire with your knife?

    You can try different areas of the spine or try holding it at an angle. My Mora 510 wouldn't throw sparks for me unless I held the spine at a pretty steep angle. I've since flattened it on a diamond plate in one area.
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    WSS 1000th post giveaway

    PLAN, saw it in what I believe is the older version of the book but I do not own the copy, got to skim a copy, though. Protection Location Acquisition Navigation
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    What did you carry today?

    Try this one.
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    Lansky Plus Polish Tapes

    When I had mine I would use 2 sided tape on wet/dry paper to polish up the edge. Worked really well. edit: I would also use some of the 220 grit in the same way to reprofile the edge the first time, then work through the grits.
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    Most Trusted multi tool

    Used my Leatherman Wave for 10 years (got it when I was 16) almost daily. It was stolen off the front seat of my truck recently got a Surge to replace it. I never doubted the Wave at all.
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    blade preference satin or carbide?

    I prefer the satin but the carbide does look very clean.