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  1. ed_is_dead

    "Old Knives"

    Dig the long pull and it wears it age well if you ask me. If it were me I'd fill the chips and edge it:) That has the makings of a real cool user! In a similar vein this once posh(?) knife landed and despite not being mad for mop I'm a fool for a three blade whittler with a manicuring file...
  2. ed_is_dead

    "Old Knives"

    Reminds me of my Herbert Robinson!
  3. ed_is_dead

    Is There An Easy Fix For A Missing Shield?

    If you are able/willing take measurements with a calipers and cut it out of aluminium. It will be easiest for shaping to fit and will polish up. Use epoxy to fit and sand back.
  4. ed_is_dead

    "Old Knives"

    Thanks Unchained, the allure for me with B&C was a seemingly forward thinking company ethos. Namely a well paid happy workforce will have pride in their work and their company's output. Seems to have paid off! :) What didn't make the grade for this thread is the boulevard of broken blades...
  5. ed_is_dead

    "Old Knives"

    Some amazing eye candy in this thread!! My offerings may not live up. A 4 inch Frank Mills & Co Ltd "TRIMILS". That main is almost 3 inches, big penknife, well to me. A Brookes and Crookes Lobster, loving the manicuring blade, its design is the best I've tried. I'm not really a mop guy...
  6. ed_is_dead

    If you could bring back one cutlery company

    Wade Wingfield and Rowbotham:)
  7. ed_is_dead

    Thrifty Thursday... Cheap Traditional Knives

    Plastic and proud Camco being put to use re guying (is that even a term?) an old military mountain tent the littleuns like playing in. Getting way more pocket time than I ever thought it would, very nice edge and no fuss to use.
  8. ed_is_dead

    Traditional knives and records

    Hey hey a fellow fan!!! Seen them a good few times, Frank sure can holler:)
  9. ed_is_dead

    Modified Production Knives (traditional only)

    Good thing it ain't sharp! I believe it was (once) a hawkbill. Its a very heavy duty piece with a walk and talk that best described as strut and shout:) So worth saving! The kick had to go almost entirely to sink the edge into the handle. Ehhh....well its razor sharp now but I somehow...
  10. ed_is_dead

    Let's see some " worn out " knives

    Enjoying perusing this thread, the "lived in" appeal of some of these is great:)
  11. ed_is_dead

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Back when stainless was a big deal. After having read some of the history of its birth I really appreciate owning and using this one.
  12. ed_is_dead

    History of Sheffield

    I'm half way through it and have to say enjoying it very much. She seems to have a real passion for her craft. What should I watch out for subject wise that's off the mark Jack?
  13. ed_is_dead

    "Old Knives"

    Y You are on a role Augie between this and the Rodgers Jack!
  14. ed_is_dead

    "Made in Sheffield" 1830-1930, A golden age ?

    Eww nice! Lovely stamps and full blades at over 110 years old;) Have/will you sharpen and use? Tell me, where does a fella find such an example as I'd love to come across similar. Here is a diminutive example for entry in this thread. Hallmark says, I believe, 1930 so just qualifies:)
  15. ed_is_dead

    Stan Shaw Gets His First Penknife

    Condolences to you Jack. Always enjoyed reading what you wrote of Stan and watching any footage of him also. Seemed a lovely man, one who was happy to be at work, a rare thing that and it showed in his work. Two lifetimes chalked down in his industry and from reading on him I doubt he ever...
  16. ed_is_dead

    Your newest addition:traditionals of course!

    And another Camillus, a first for me, which I took on my walk today and hummed the Wichita lineman:) I quite like it, enough that I gave it a decent edge and removed the blade play. Should the notch in the wire stripper be sharp too and how does the 29 differ from my 27?
  17. ed_is_dead

    "Old Knives"

    Waynorth, thanks, you are a star, polaris even! 3 inch closed so she's a shortie. I did not realise the characteristic of a steel pin in nickle as a tell! Yet another fact to file away. Again, thank you sir, I'd spent ages looking it up with no joy
  18. ed_is_dead

    "Old Knives"

    Wonderful photo that encapsulates a people coming together in a time and place. I'm going to disappear down the history hole relating to Walden Knife some spare hour. Can any of you old knife aficionados shed any light on this maker for me?
  19. ed_is_dead

    "Old Knives"

    That Utica Stockman has real appeal. Love the grooves in the stag, how old would you say it is. Likewise the sweet Barlow, they're both in great nick despite the age!