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    GEC 98 Texas Cattle/Whittler

    I have a camp knife and would love to have a whittler. Guys those are some nice examples
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    2021 #85 Crown Lifter

    Mine came today and fell straight into my pocket .Tom
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    Albers Cutlery Company

    I would like one of those Eric .I think they will be a hit .Tom
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    Traditionals and Cast Iron Cookware

    Oh would you share the recipe for the black eyed pea dip it looks great .Tom
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    Albers Cutlery Company

    Sent you a pm Eric .Tom
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    Albers Cutlery Company

    Eric have you ever considered using Axis horn for covers ? Tom
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    Albers Cutlery Company

    My picture does not do this knife justice, beautiful blue rope bone , fit and finish are great ,made by a master master craftsman . Thanks Eric . Tom
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    2020 GEC #19 Little Rattler Thread

    Do the north field 19"s come with a pin?
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    2020 GEC #74 Mustang Thread

    Waiting on my AAPK and the set will be complete .Tom
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    Lets talk GEC!

    I was just wandering if there is any speculation on what GEC will do after 19's
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    2020 GEC #74 Mustang Thread

    finally figured it out Tom
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    2020 GEC #74 Mustang Thread

    Sorry I could not get pics to post ,will try again later . Tom
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    2020 GEC #74 Mustang Thread

    The family is almost complete ,waiting on the stag.Tom
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    GEC #23 LL & Smith & Sons Mudbug

    I would like 23 beaver tail please
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    2020 GEC #23 Trapper Thread

    Wow that is nice .Tom
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    GEC 35s - B&S and M&G

    Seconds on the beer and sausage
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    GAW: Name a Medium Gunstock

    Congrats Johndf Tom
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    GAW: Name a Medium Gunstock

    Let's try bone collector or cartridge