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    A couple of those spider knifes - THEY GONE

    Fullflat, thanks but I just pulled the trigger on my first Para2 Jade G10 with the black hardware and DLC. Couldn’t wait, but definitely didn’t settle take care!
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    Lots of Spyderco***PRICE Drops!!

    New to forums, does withdrawn mean seller is no longer having knife available or that a buyer withdrew their interest? Sorry for newbie question. I’m interested in Para2 DLC Natural G10
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    A couple of those spider knifes - THEY GONE

    Hey Fullflat, please let me know if you come across anymore of those Para3 Satin Natural-Jade G-10s.. I’ve been lookin specifically for that to no avail, and I see you had your hands on two or three if I’m not mistaken.. thanks!
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    Spyderco FS: BNIB Para 3 Jade/Satin M4, Military S30V Black

    1st dibs on Para 3, new to site but looking specifically for knife like this.