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    Random Thought Thread

    Thank you for simply owning it and not getting defensive or offensive. And thank you for posting your response in this thread. Sounds like you simply weren't aware of the rules. Thank you for understanding and being a good sport about it.
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    The "Ask Jo (NinJO) Thread"

    Hi Jo's mom! Thank you for your awesome daughter! ;)
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    Random Thought Thread

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    Random Thought Thread

    Really, you were here?! When? Give a holler next time! Did you do the canyon rim trail? That's the best riding on the island. Everything else is pretty extreme terrain: vertical and technical, off camber and rocky and rooty as f*ck. I used to ride a lot, did most of my riding near my...
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    Everybody say hi to my mom!

    Hi Nate's Mom! Congrtaulations on and my utmost gratitude for your fine progeny!
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    Random Thought Thread

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    Random Thought Thread

    I ended up making dinner for a friend, 2am, passing out over here. Not sure what to tell you about my off the grid life; it's not really a wonderous adventure tale. I prefer to live simply and close to nature. I was stoked when a friend of mine offered me to live on his property a few...
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    Random Thought Thread

    Sure! I'm gonna hit the beach for the rest of the day, and I'll post some more tonight.
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    Random Thought Thread

    Now that I have a large monitor and a keyboard, for better or for worse, I'll be around and posting a bit more :D
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    Random Thought Thread

    I'm baa-ack... How y'all doing? My off-the-grid fantasy life is over. Into a house in a neighborhood. Been taking some getting used to the walls and having people around. But hey, I got endless power on tap and my desktop computer is back up. Not complaining about the kitchen either...
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    The 'I ❤ Nathan' Thread

    Oh puh-lease. Show me another maker capable of or even having the idea of a fluted parabolic chisel grind. To say nothing of your level of metallurgical consideration, detail, and execution. Show me one other knife out there that slices and kicks off food like that Potato Knife. I have some...
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    SOLD, 20 Boot Daggers

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    Random Thought Thread

    That is awesome. "Precious."
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    Random Thought Thread

    You remember the Big Bambu paper that came with the Cheech n Chong vinyl album?
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    Random Thought Thread

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    SHEATH SALE! Sawmandu, Infi Ratweiler, Boss Jack Limited Edition, Dogfather CG, MEGA Swamp Warden

    I'll take the BGFBM sheath, please. Please PM me your PayPal address. I'm at work; will check in for PM's every hour or so. Shoots, I'll take the RMDLE sheath also. Thank you! ($107 total, PP G&S, correct?)
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    Mashed Cat Sheaths and Genius carry concepts

    Dear Eric, some thoughts: I’m very happy to see you asking this question. Although really I prefer leather, my functional needs usually have me choosing kydex, and you create my preferred kydex work. First thing I do when I get a sheath with a Tek Lok is remove it and throw it in my Tek Lok...
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    SOLD, Forty 4" Boot Daggers, Delta 3V

    In, please. Linen if available, thank you!