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    Khukri abuse by the masked fellow

    I think the test would've been a little better if the guy had done enough research to learn what the "unsharpened little knife" was for and what part of the blade to cut with [oh well]. I bet he would've made twice the progress cutting through the 2x4 if he used the correct technique...
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    has anyone here tried cordwrapping their handles?

    I tried once on my 15" AK, but it ended up being way too big when I was done.
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    Deals for 5/22 -- Pix and Six Beauties

    email sent on the 6 1/8'' 0.6 ounce Kagag Katne Thanks!
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    End of the January deals for 1/31 -- Pix and huge savings

    Man! Sometimes I have good timing - If only I had some money!! :grumpy:
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    Opinions on the UBE?

    Have you looked at the Gelbu's? Almost a Movie Model, but without the false edge on the tip...
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    Opinions on the UBE?

    Hi BloodWraith, if one of the HIs "speaks" to you - perhaps you should just pick it up and try to adopt techniques that suit it's strong points. I have seen pictures of Ghurkas with smaller Kobras up through the larger WWII styles - each operator must feel comfortable with what each one...
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    19th Day of Christmas special -- Pix Giant Chitlangi Bowie and more great buys

    Yeah, I did a double take on that "Bowie" also - makes all the others look like toys. I'm thinking it's more like a single edge short sword!... Who ever gets that bad boy must post some pictures of it cleaving something. [Hmmm... could this be one of many "stretched bowies" to come? A 17"...
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    Need advice on first khukuri

    Just my two cents - if you're going with a lighter brush style blade, a little longer is better. You get the mass out further which helps make up for the lighter weight. I think most weight concerns are mostly overplayed in terms of carrying. Get the type of blade that'll do the job you think...
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    Days Of Xmas Pic Offers

    One of the posts from around 11/30 or so only loaded the pics for me once - every other post before and since has loaded fine. Funny thing is that particular post still won't load the pics from either work or home [both high-speed]! Just get a box with a red "x." I agree that those were...
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    bluing kukris?

    If the blade is perfectly clean, the polished blades should work wonderfully with blueing - Look at the old S&Ws or Colts - Yum! Has anyone tried Hot Blue on a polished knife?
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    Khuk Emergency…Please HELP!!

    Eric, Here's part of an article on welding 5160: Low-Alloy Chromium Steels Included in this group are the AISI type 5015 to 5160 and the electric furnace steels 50100, 51100, and 52100. In these steels carbon ranges from 0.12-1.10%, manganese from 0.30-1.00%, chromium from 0.20-1.60%, and...
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    Khuk Emergency…Please HELP!!

    Hmm... Were they recommending gas welding or just scrapping it? I like TIG because it offers the most control and the least amount of over-temping of surrounding metal. The inert gas in both MIG & TIG really help with keeping corrosion in the weld. You might want to have a skilled friend do...
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    Khuk Emergency…Please HELP!!

    Just my two cents. If you just want a reliable "working blade," chalk this one up as tution in the school of hard knocks. But, since your blade is already AFU, you can't really mess it up any more - so why not try to save it if you have the ambition? [which you seem to have - I like where your...
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    bluing kukris?

    Hey Greenknight, I've been planning on doing a home Park job on my Villager Ang Khola at some point. I've done a few firearms in the past with good results. The key to any metal finish is the same as doing a good painted finish - DON'T SKIMP ON THE PREP. Bead blast for a consistant surface...
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    HI Giveaway for 11/30

    Wow - Thank you so very much! I must compliment you on running such an extremely friendly and fun forum. It is so refreshing to find a business run in a way where everybody feels like they are not only getting a good deal on an exceptional product, but that they will be taken care of and are...
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    HI Giveaway for 11/30

    Count me in with lucky #17!!!
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    Deals for 11/29 -- Pix Vim Boomerang Ang Khola and great buys

    Thanks for the congrats Steely_Gunz! I just got my first HI, a 15" Ang Khola Villager, yesterday, and what a beautiful hunk of steel! Even the wife was impressed! I can see how addictive collecting HIs could become.
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    Deals for 11/29 -- Pix Vim Boomerang Ang Khola and great buys

    Email sent on the Bura Snake!