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    Update Re: Kyle Eichenseer

    Keith you shure talk alot for not knowing one damn thing about the entire situation. What are you getting involved for anyway? You want to be a moderator so bad on BF that your trying to get involved with everything? I told him to contact me regarding the supplies, I didnt say i was keeping...
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    Update Re: Kyle Eichenseer

    Hi all. First off thanks to whoever unfroze my account to let me post. #1 Dan you still haven't responded to any of my e-mails. So I don't know how I could have resolved this. #2 I shipped the knife to your Italy address and it was seized by customs. I paid the fee to have it sent back...
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    CAVEAT EMPTOR In Your Dealings With Eich (Kyle Eichenseer)…!

    Hi Dan :) Where is my money #1 you still have not paid for the materials that i am out on your canceld order. :footinmou So either put up or shut up.
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    Boink, a real jerk, can not be trusted.

    Code 3 are you so obtuse that you didn't realize that by me saying hey kevin, could you remove the links, implied that if you as a moderator could remove them I would appreciate it. Then you repost the link, lots of respect going on there. You are now banned from the USN, have a nice day...
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    Boink, a real jerk, can not be trusted.

    Simple reason. The thread was not removed. Its still there. Its called respect. If you or any other mod were to ask that a bladeforum link be removed from the USN, it would be done the second I could get to it. I see that we cannot expect the same amount of cooperation from you. So...
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    Boink, a real jerk, can not be trusted.

    Kevin I know you and I have had a run in or two in the past, but this is the straight dope. Boink is not what he seemes. Yes he made good in the end, but it took ALOT to get him there. Of course we did not accept the offer of the knife for the auctions, why would we take a gift from a...
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    Customer Service Questions

    Emerson customer service is top notch. I have sent 2 knives in, each time I have had the knife back in about 1 day turnaround in the shop. That is outstanding!!! Their e-mail communications is however non existant. They are so busy making knives they dont respond to e-mails at a regular...
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    Links to more AR problems P. Atwood knifemaker

    Please do not post links to the USN. As Spark has requested, I expect people to uphold that. Moderator kindly remove them, and if you could e-mail me his IP address I will ban whatever user name he is using at USN. Thanks alot, Kyle Eich Usual Suspect Admin
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    GATCO knife sharpening system...

    Good system, its what I used to learn on. Their customer service is great as well. I busted a clamp a few years back and they sent me a new one no questions asked. Now I just do them by hand. But it was a great way to learn how angles meet up.
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    Wrap Complete!...Oh, how I love Eich1911...

    Good on ya. I might do a strider wrap one next.... Yeah you'll get used to your hands hurting if you do much with cord wrapping.
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    Barry the Blade: You Decide

    Not to sound like a broken record, but.... In any deal there are 2 sides to the story. If a friend of mine tells me the knife was not in the condition you listed it in, and that the pictures you took of the knife were at angles to hide the blemishes, I got to believe him. Simple as that...
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    Wrappin me VT Tac Handle...

    see http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=1908173#post1908173 There you go.
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    How to wrap a tomahawk handle.

    not wasting my bandwidth on bladeforums
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    How to wrap a tomahawk handle.

    Not wasting my bandwidth here
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    Wrappin me VT Tac Handle...

    Will do, I dont get off of work till 21:00 PST and have to run to the airport a few times tonight. So will get them up late tonight or first thing in the AM tomorrow. Dang now I miss my 7.....:( Glad you like it :) Kyle
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    Wrappin me VT Tac Handle...

    Funny you mention that. I just did one lastnight. Sorry its not pictures, but......... I tryed it 3 ways. One with a strider style wrap, and one with the just plain wrap it around. and another one that didnt turn out, kinda a samuri swrod style. I think the strider style wrap made it too...
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    Couldnt ask for a better guy to deal with. Gadi is the man. Kyle
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    cqc 9 production update?

    Thanks John, I thought I heard someone say blades were done. Could have been done grinding. :)
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    cqc 9 production update?

    I believe your thinking of the CQC8 Surefire combo. No news as of yet, EKI is done with the knives. I think the hold up is wating for something at surefire.
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    Mick, Strider fans Check out two of my favorite things

    Just had to break out the FAL didnt you Mox :) :p