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    Kershaw Knockout Availability

    I've been waiting for a year on this knife as well. When it was first shown, I promised myself I wasn't going to buy any more knives until it came out. I wanted this one BAD! Then months went by and the sickness came back and I ended up buying quite a few spydercos, as I already had most of...
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    What's your at work knife and your occupation?

    Environmental Engineer at a chemical manufacturing plant- Have been carrying a leatherman juice and buck vantage force pro lately....
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    Kershaw Factory Blem & some NIB

    Paypal sent on 1840CKT- all Black Shallot PE $35
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    FRN is awesome- I also prefer it to G10. That said I carry other knives like the para 2 a lot because of ergos, steel, etc. but I wish every knife I had was handled in spyderco FRN with the bi-textured handles. They are comfortable, easy to clean, efficient, BOMBPROOF!!!
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    Piston, Knockout and Echelon are coming soon!

    I need the piston and knockout to come out so bad. My favorite brand is Kershaw and I really wish I could buy some fresh models in 14c28n. I've tried to fill the void by going on a Spyderco spree lately but it's just not the same.
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    Meeting with Web guy today, time for website

    I'll take it! Oops just my reflex when I see a thread kershawguy started. Anyways, I agree with the sentiment above about staying simple, clear, and concise with the layout in contrast to lots of flash and clutter that tends to crash my computer. Additionally, I personally prefer when items...
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    Sub Frame Lock?

    I NEED THIS KNIFE! It looks awesome in every way.
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    Paramilitary 2 marking question...

    Intersting. I checked both sides and I no Sal mark, not that I care too much. You are right, this knife is outstanding. I now know what everyone has been talking about. I resisted the para 1 for many years because it was tip-down only. I almost caved quite a few times, but I'm glad I...
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    Paramilitary 2 marking question...

    I just recieved a digicam paramilitary 2 (no coating) and noticed it only has Eric's mark behind the hole with no mark for Sal. Does anybody else have one with just Eric's mark? Just curious. The knife is superb in every other regard. I couldn't be more pleased.
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    Whats your favorite Kershaw carry knife?

    Right now... Packrat. +1 on the Boa also, my S60V has seen quite a bit of use.
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    Best place on-line to Buy Kershaw & Zero Tolerance Knives

    +1 on Kershawguy. His prices are very good, he ships extremely fast. Bottom line- he's great!!
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    Anyone Not Like the Skyline

    It's impossible to go wrong on this one. Light, fast, great blade steel. Just do it.
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    Welcome Back

    Once again- This is GREAT!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. This was my favorite forum by a long shot.
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    Kershaw Forum re-opened

    This is GREAT!!!!
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    Kershaw Factory Blem & some NIB

    Payment sent per paypal for 1670BRNZDP Composite blade sterile ZDP189 blade ( no writing) blems $65- Thanks Dave!!!
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    Stripped T6 torx, how to get it out?

    Also, not sure if the screw is raised or not but if it is you could use a dremel with a cutting disk to cut a notch in the top like a regular screw head. Let a little penetrating oil soak for a bit, then use a regular screwdriver to unscrew the stripped screw.
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    Kershaw Factory Blem & some NIB

    What more can I say about Dave- he ships super fast, packaging is good, and item is as described. I've never been able to find the blem. Thanks Dave!!!
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    Kershaw Factory Blem & some NIB

    Paypal sent on 1665- Orange Packrat PE NIB $39 Thanks Dave.
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    What's the worst knife you've ever bought?

    About 10 years ago I bought 2 Smith and Wesson linerlocks along with some other stuff from CDNN on the cheap. I didn't know much about non-traditional knives at the time and thought it would be fun to change up. I tossed one of the S&W's in my pocket and maybe used it a few times over the...
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    A Look At The Kershaw 1760 Skyline (What was TNP thinking???)

    Sheepdog, he did that to me too. The funny part is then he claims that 99% of the responses he gets from people agree with him. That would be true when he deletes/disregards everyone that disagrees with him. Hilarious.