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    My first BLADE show

    Cash is king. The closest atm's run out early so plan accordingly. Wear comfortable shoes. It's Atlanta in the summer... wear lightweight clothing. The "pit" (the bar area) at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel is where a lot of knives are shown and sold/traded before and after the show. The...
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    Bellotto Debico small sickle

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    Just call me Grind Master D

    What would ya get done if you opened a can of this?:D Whoops...shappa posting here on my wifes account.
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    Smoke request

    Andy, If you are a small reflection of your grandfather he must have been a heck of a guy. I'm sorry I never got to meet the man. Prayers up for you and your family. Sorry Andy, Shappa here...forgot which computer I was on.
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    Calvin and the Snowmen

    Awesome! Thanks for the giggles.
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    Anne Rice books

    My favorite vampire books are from Laurell K. Hamilton. Very good, fast reads.
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    A few more Solar shots of mine.

    Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing.
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    Contest ! Baby Boy on its way.....Win a Kagas Katne!

    Guess #2: Monday 10 PM, 7 lbs 10 ozs, 20". :)
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    Contest ! Baby Boy on its way.....Win a Kagas Katne!

    I'm guessing Thursday 4:10 AM, 8lbs 10ozs, & 20" long. At least that's when I scheduled your C-Section for! :D Congratulations! :cool: