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    Birkenstock Boston Mens 9 BRN NEW

    $100 paypaled shipped to IL? Thanks, bpalmero at yahoo dot com
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    Triple Aught Design TAD Axiom 18 Pack

    If you're taking offers pls email me at bpalmero AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks
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    Saddleback bags

    Interested in both depending on the dimensions. Please email me the size of the briefcase and the dimensions of the satchel at bpalmero AT yahoo DOT com.
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    Heavy Cover Canteen Set - Tom Bihn Night Flights - Skinth L Shield

    I'm not able to PM you. If you're willing to take offer on the Saddleback, please email me at bpalmero AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks.
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    Mokuti Rotablade, Capspin, Squale 1521 and Militaire, Torqbars, Pens and Packs

    I'd like to make an offer on the Fjallraven, could you email me at bpalmero AT yahoo DOT com? Thanks
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    ****SOLD***Prometheus Writes Copper Alpha Pen

    I'll take it, please email me your PayPal info to bpalmero AT yahoo.com. If I get your email a little late I'll make sure to Paypal you in the morning. Thanks. Bob
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    Spyderco Rare Spydercos , Beretta , Guardian Tactical

    Pls email me at bpalmero AT Yahoo DOT com. Interested in one of your items.
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    PayPal sent on PM3 per PM.
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    Gear, packs, stuff etc - EVEN MORE ADDED 8/4 *********

    I'll take this. PayPal sent, thanks! Topeak Mini Air pump with mount (like new) Gorilla U Bike Lock with key Inside and outside frame bags Misc new tire tube $16.50 shipped for all priority
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    FS: 42mm Helson Bronze Shark Diver

    I love this piece but it's not getting any wrist time so it needs to go. It's 100% complete with paperwork, tools, packaging, original rubber strap and bronze buckle as well as the Ammo and Shark bronze buckle in the pic, valued at $175. Its the perfect size in the SD lineup IMO with awesome...
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    SOLD Budget fountain pen package

    I'll take them, PM coming your way.
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    I'll take the 3 Zippos. Please PM me your PayPal.
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    Reduced! Cheap! Saddleback, red wing, under armour, marmot, ralph lauren, range bag

    First I'll take followed by email at bpalmero AT yahoo DOT com gets it, shipped in CONUS, paypaled. Prices firm. Thanks for looking! 1. Saddleback sleeve wallet, used once, $21. Sold 2. Red Wing boots, size 9, good condition, plenty of life left, steel toed, $48. Now $40 3...
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    Leather knife slips, tactile turn glider copper, other EDC items

    I'll take the Hitch and Timber EDC wallet. Pls PM me your PayPal info.
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    Mathew Martin 375 Flamed Ti Pen & Maxmadco Ti

    PayPal sent on the Maxmadco, thanks!
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    Mathew Martin 375 Flamed Ti Pen & Maxmadco Ti

    I'll take the Maxmadco, please PM me your PayPal info. Thanks!
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    Armatus Carry Vita EDC Wallet

    I'll take it, please PM me PayPal info. Thanks
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    FS: Ferragamo shoes size 8.5 fire sale - reduced!

    $115 now $95 for both pairs, size 8.5, shipped and paypalled. No trades. My email is bpalmero AT yahoo DOT com. Blue suede shoes, excellent condition, worn about 6 times, originally paid 400+ Dress shoes originally paid 600+, good condition plenty of life left.