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  1. Hibuke

    Official Order Thread for the Koster Knives BushMaster Production Run

    Email & Paypal deposit sent for a Budget Elite. Hope I'm not too late! This is too sweet a deal to ignore!
  2. Hibuke

    Getting a BAS into Singapore

    Hey guys, forgive me for my scarcity. Work has been a killer. Let me know if this has already been answered... I'm intending to get another BAS. Yes another one. (I've bought 2 already! :P) Thing is, I'm now stationed in Singapore for work, so my question is this: Have people recently...
  3. Hibuke

    New Combat Style Blade

    Yeah, I too would like to know what's the price of something like this! :D
  4. Hibuke

    More Surgery

    Hey all, Just a short note: I'm going into hospital here in Singapore (a bit of a long story) for more surgery on my wrist. Basically, the two bones in a normal wrist (called the Ulnar & Radius) have ligaments... Mine are gone. Long story as to how I found this all out, but surgery is...
  5. Hibuke

    The Swords of HI

    My thoughts *EXACTLY*. My school of swordsmanship dates to the pre-16th cent. battlefields, and we do actually use edge on edge blocks, but they're more like deflections, aiming to put the most resistant part of the blade to cover your change of direction/evasive actions/defensive moves...
  6. Hibuke

    Warning!!!! Upcoming Review in the somewhat near future. First Impressions.

    Holy Mother of (Insert Appropriate Expletive/Exclamation Here)!!! I disappear for a few weeks and this is what you guys get up to? I *REALLY* ought to pop in here more often! Maaaaaaybe just a *TAD* straighter ( a bit less drop) anda *TINY* bit pointier, and it'll be *PERFECT* Sign...
  7. Hibuke

    How many do you own?

    Didn't you manage to score a rare large (was it 25"? 30"?) GS? What happened to that?
  8. Hibuke

    Synthetic Sticks

    Niiiice. I'll have to try that out... Is it solid rod or hollow shaft? Another physics-geek friend of mine suggested using those plumbers kneadable "instant metal" epoxy putty to stuff a PVC/Acrylic tube. He hypothesised that due to the heat generated, it'd fuse in some way to the plastic...
  9. Hibuke

    Synthetic Sticks

    Hey all you guys, My apologies if this has already been addressed, but I'm really keen on making a set of synthetic sticks. Having been fed up with the woods available here (ie non-existant without paying an arm and a leg for POS peeled rattan or exotic aussie hardwoods that may or may not...
  10. Hibuke

    Synthetic Sticks

    Hey all you guys, Forgive me for not givin y'all an update on my recovery after all your prayers/support! It'd been a hellish May 2005, with a major assignment (worth 50% of subject grade) having to be done. On top of that, I *STILL* had to attend outpatient treatment at the private...
  11. Hibuke

    Kali done with Khukri's

    You give no references. Just unsubstantiated claims and photos. From *YOUR OWN* website. Nothing else. As a University researcher having done many literature reviews and being an avid student of scientific information, any and all information or your alleged "facts" and "testimonials" are...
  12. Hibuke

    What do you carry?

    The unreasonably hoplophobic sheeple society doesn't allow me to carry one. Not happy! What am I supposed to use to cut packaging? Or binding? My teeth? Keys? Idiotic and irrelevant. BS (Before Sheeple), I used to carry both a CRKT M16 (Large Size) and either a Large Point Guard or...
  13. Hibuke

    To all you Bowyers...

    Oh I have *PLENTY* of Bamboo. my side fence is practically falling down because them bamboo plants are just out of control. I'd like to know more about building a Bamboo-only bow. And I've tried the floorboard shops. I managed to score (for free, mind you!) a set of pretty exotic aussie...
  14. Hibuke

    To all you Bowyers...

    Did anyone read the second line of my post? I am in need of *AUSTRALIAN* bow woods, *NOT AMERICAN!!!* There is absolutely no way to obtain Hickory in Australia at all, at least here in the state of Victoria... So I reiterate: I need some suggestions for *AUSTRALIAN* bow woods. Rant...
  15. Hibuke

    OT Winter Boots Sorel/Kamik

    Hey Andreas, Since you're in Europe, have you tried the Italian brand called AKU? They're as good as, if not better than Scarpa. I myself procured a pair of the newer (2003) generation AKU Trails; Split-suede leather lowers, Air 8000 (high-tech, incredibly breathable synthetic) uppers...
  16. Hibuke

    Manjushree Sword in historical context

    What the? Huh? What happened to Beo? Have I been out of it for that long??!
  17. Hibuke

    To all you Bowyers...

    I'm in desperate need of some assistance here... As you all know, I reside in the Merry Land of OZ. That's Australia, in case you're wondering if I just skipped my meds... :D I'm eagerly trying to complete my first self bow; 60" with slightly recurved tips. It was to great horror...
  18. Hibuke

    Uncle Bill needs your vote. PLEASE READ!!

    Nonono. He should've taken it up with the Dave. No refund. "Nuff said.
  19. Hibuke

    Idea for Uncle Bill's website.

    If you want a really particular traditionally-trained Japanese Swordsman, look no further. *ME* :D. Hey, I may not be that good, but I'm part of a *DEDICATED* sword form: Shingen Ryu Batto(u) Jutsu...
  20. Hibuke

    Greek Swords?

    I think they're known as the Xiphos or something like that? Anyhoo, you can get a decent one in Australia at a pretty good price (considering the exchange rate down here in OZ) and it's made to really great standards. www.manningimperial.com Craig Sich (Sitch?) is a fantastic guy. I've...