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  1. CaptainFuzzy

    Front Page Blowout

    I sent an email as well
  2. CaptainFuzzy


  3. CaptainFuzzy

    Protech TR-3 SWAT

    Carried a couple times. Slight rub marks on the frame and clip. Otherwise like new. Fires hard. $110 shipped. Email is the best way to reach me. [email protected]
  4. CaptainFuzzy

    Medford On Belay ($350 tonight only!)

    I'll take $350 if it sells tonight.
  5. CaptainFuzzy

    Medford On Belay ($350 tonight only!)

    Catch and release. This thing defines the term "Beast". Absolutely huge and solid. Only mark on it is the little speck on the presentation side handle. Comes with pelican, card, papers, dog tag, and tactical bubble wrap. $375 shipped, PayPal fees included. As usual, an "I'll take it" here...
  6. CaptainFuzzy

    Medford On Belay

    Knife is perfect except for one tiny mark in the bronze ano on the show side handle. Razor sharp factory edge, comes with card, paper, dog tag, and tactical bubble wrap, all in the tan pelican case. Mainly looking for: Cold Steel 4 Max (with dog leg lockbar) plus cash Microtech Socom Delta plus...
  7. CaptainFuzzy

    Good Deleted

    Thanks! Awesome dealing with you as well.
  8. CaptainFuzzy

    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Latest additions to the collection.
  9. CaptainFuzzy

    What was your most recent knife purchase?

    Cold Steel Recon Tanto fixed blade. Japanese version in VG-1. Picked it up on flash sale at SMKW for $44. Probably my 4th or 5th one. Keep having friends want them.
  10. CaptainFuzzy

    Lowest Tolerance Knives

    Why do people have to hate on Greg Medford? He's a freaking great guy who designs awesome knives and he stands 100% behind his work. I've owned several of his knives, and they have all been rock solid, bar none. I think they've got about the tightest tolerances I've ever experienced in a folding...
  11. CaptainFuzzy


    User combat Troodon?
  12. CaptainFuzzy

    Schatt Morgan 44 in D2, buffalo horn, with buffalo hide slip

    This is a great knife. I carried it for a week, used it once to cut a steak. Buffalo horn covers are beautiful, and I bought an awesome handmade buffalo hide pocket slip to go with it. D2 steel is razor sharp, pull is about a 5. Nice big knife. Price is $120 shipped. I'm willing to add a little...