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    Hatchet, machete or kukri

    I just ordered the Aitihasik model Khukuri from Khukuri House......... will let you know how things work out. The past year has been devoted to working with a smaller contract military verision that came from Atlanta Cutlery. It's inexpensive but the sheath has got some dry rot on it.....it has...
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    Happy New Year

    All the best to all of you for this coming New Year. May the rising of this new dawn bring us peace, enlightment, health, and prosperity. All The Best Dwight, Jeneene, & Toy
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    Hawk and Knife Combos...

    Cpl Punishment: Thanks so much for suggesting this. What a great line-up . God, I love every one of them ! Now I know why I always come drifting back to this forum. All My Best Dwight
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    Why do I need a battle axe?

    or Five, or Six.....it's addictive...you know. Best Dwight
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    How to carry a tomahawk?

    Pipeman: I like that sheath and frog combo. Mind if I steal the design? Looks good. Best Dwight
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    New to hawk throwing

    Kenny: None taken, thanks for the consideration. When I operated the school in Yorktown and lived in Poquoson, I had a target similar to that in the photo and I propped it up against the fence too. It was made out of three 2x12s and I used a human shilowette instead of the circle. Out...
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    Tomahawk Training: Books, Equipment, Hands-On, & VHS/DVDs

    Hey Jeremy: As you know I bought a quanity of these two or three years ago when I had the school operating. When I retired, I handed them over to Steve Huff who has brought them to ISMAC every year since then. They have held up really well and are excellent for introducing 1st timers to...
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    New to hawk throwing

    Kenny H. : I was just trying to help. Sorry to interupt. .....
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    New to hawk throwing

    I might suggest that if you want to spend a lot of time throwing hawks you might want to consider not using your better made hawk like CCF. Rather save the good hawks for real work and not subject it too the wear and tear that throwing will subject it too. I used the 35 dollar rifleman hawks...
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    Cuts from chair!!!

    Every time I get to feeling sorry for myself and down in the dumps because of various old injuries, something like this comes along and puts me in my place and makes me grateful that I can do what I do. This has got to be one of the most motivational videos I've seen in a while......Thank you...
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    Pimped up gunstock warclub

    Oh Man!..........That IS AWESOME....good , Hell Great work . What type wood? Best Dwight
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    The Fighting Tomahawk-The Video

    Kingcole : Actually if you are doing any tactical throwing at a heavy bag or BOB, the synthetics are pretty good and easy on the bags. I'm a fan of wood but that is my silly bokken background that likes wooden weapons.. Working on a Dusack book now even. Best Dwight
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    Accidentally made a Bug Hawk inspired trainer...

    Kingcole: Why are you asking me about trainer's on that other thread? Looks like you got a pretty good handle on things, ....Well done. Glad to see you are talking to John, he loves this stuff and has to be the most technically oriented person I have every met. You get together and I bet...
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    The Fighting Tomahawk-The Video

    BTW that cutting board is a plastic/fiber mix, soft and maluable. Best Dwight
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    The Fighting Tomahawk-The Video

    Kingcole: Hey buddy, here is the story on the CQC-T trainer. The week prior to the shoot, it was cahos around here. Wife running everywhere, clearing brush away for the hillside shoots and such. The day before everyone was supposed to arrived it dawned on me that I did not have a CQC-T trainer...
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    The Fighting Tomahawk-The Video

    Hey Keith: Glad you liked the video. Yes, Paladin's video director has approached me for an October 2010 shoot but as yet we not worked out any details. There is a lot of water that will pass under the bridge between now and then so we will have to wait and see. Are you back in this country...
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    The Fighting Tomahawk-The Video

    I think each is around 45-50 minutes. It is a bit long if you take it in total. What is interesting is we left out a lot (LOT) of material and some we filmed were excluded because of time. I guess we just scratched the surface. I've got a couple of request for a four day Tomahawk Camp to...
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    Tomahawk as weapon,spike or no spike?

    I've got my Grandfather's hatchet and as Wolf said it has neither and does the same things just as well. I think I may start working out with it a bit if only for sentimental sake. Good Point. Best Dwight
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    Tomahawk as weapon,spike or no spike?

    I think this discussion is an old one with many really good arguments on both sides. I've sort of changed my views on this. I personally am not a big fan of the back spike; However, when you look at it from a training perspective it is probably a good idea to learn how to use it and how it...
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    The Fighting Tomahawk-The Video

    Thanks guys. The point to remember here with this particular video is that it is very, very, fundamental and tries to balance the history against the martial arts. There was a lot we just had to leave out because of the time constraints. The rough & tumble plus the Petter material are just...