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  1. Cobalt

    I nearly lost my mind waiting for today's mail

    I think I found an old picture of it
  2. Cobalt

    I nearly lost my mind waiting for today's mail

    What a beauty and I remember her. Congrats!!!!! Just to be clear, that knife started out as a slot bolt knife. I just replaced the original bolts with new ones. You cannot convert original tube handles to slot handles because the conical holes are wider and will not look finished like they do...
  3. Cobalt

    Stripping advice

    I will say this, every time I have stripped a Busse blade it has gone differently. The first one I did was so easy, I could not believe it. Then the next 3 were horrible. Kinda like kids. The first one was an angel at an early age, enticing you to have more, then you realize how it really is
  4. Cobalt

    Stripping advice

    Wire brush removes the coating like your fingernail did. Well, a bit better. I use scotchbrite pads to take it further or sand paper. Depends on how far you want to go and how much time you got. Sounds like the stuff you have does a good job. Wire brush and scotch brite shoud do the job
  5. Cobalt

    Stripping advice

    I have used several different strippers and they all work about the same. I don't think you need to worry about under the handles. The smelliest one was citri-strip but I think it is the safest environmentally. All coating come off different. I have had some that come off easily and some...
  6. Cobalt

    I'm waiting for the package to arrive.. with this A2 Busse

    and ATS34 as well. But A2 was the cornerstone. I would pick Busse A2 over cpm3v done by any large manufacturer.
  7. Cobalt

    FMV14 and FMV8 set

    Up for sale is a mint unused FMV14 and FMV8 in comp satin finish with the Red Micarta handles. This is another duplicate set. 1550 shipped and insured conus plus paypal fees
  8. Cobalt

    Busses and Whisky

    Not the 2019. I have had the 17 and 18. I prefer the 17, but both were good
  9. Cobalt

    Old School A2 Badger w/rare factory serrations and unusual Sheath

    This one is an interesting Badger. It was purchased from the original owner in 2004 by one of our members, then sold off to someone else who in turn sold it to me. What makes this one more rare is not the smooth handles or bolts, but the serrations. Serrations were only done on rare occasion...
  10. Cobalt

    Satin ASHBM w/ Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber handles

    This one will officially be off the market tomorrow and any message counter offers by me only apply through 6pm mountain time today.
  11. Cobalt

    Hello from Amy

    Amy, I have no words for what you are going through, but I have prayers and thoughts for you. And you and your family are in my families hearts
  12. Cobalt

    Who else has this problem

    I am not responsible for any problem Tony has. :thumbsup:
  13. Cobalt

    Satin ASHBM w/ Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber handles

    I put the edge on this one. That is not factory. So yes, you are correct, it is a bevel and considerably sharper than any factory bevel.
  14. Cobalt

    Thoughts And Prayers For Amy-0 . . . .

    Amy, so sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers for you and your family.
  15. Cobalt

    USER 1/300 SHBM smooth handles bolts - cheap

    J, you will like the edge on this one. It will cut and cut. Beat her like you stole her.