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  1. UseitorLoseit

    Spyderco Delicas

    All are left except the V-toku2
  2. UseitorLoseit

    Spyderco Delicas

    I'll pass on that but thanks for the offer.
  3. UseitorLoseit

    Spyderco Delicas

    Paypal goods & services. AKA Buyer protection.
  4. UseitorLoseit

    Spyderco Delicas

    Some Delicas. All unused with boxes. Also open to trades. Can do +/- cash or 2:1, 3:1, whatever. 204p 135 g&s Pakkawood 165 g&s CF/hap40 145 g&s V-toku2 GONE TiCN Cruwear 135 g&s S30v 110 g&s Satin Cruwear 140 g&s S90v 135 g&s
  5. UseitorLoseit

    GEC 77 natural linen micarta

    GEC 772119 in natural linen micarta. Does not appear to have been carried. Has been sharpened and it was done well. $335 g&s Also open to GEC trades
  6. UseitorLoseit

    Spyderco Delicas (St Nicks, Pakkawood)

    That one is now sold but thanks for your interest.
  7. UseitorLoseit

    Spyderco Delicas (St Nicks, Pakkawood)

    Unused with boxes. Open to trades as well. St. Nicks in red g10 and hap40 laminated and TiCN coated blade. SOLD Pakkawood in hap40 laminated blade. $175 g&s Also have more Delicas here: https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/lotta-more-delicas-even-more-added.1786491/
  8. UseitorLoseit

    Lotta more Delicas (even more added)

    Unused with boxes and such. Supergold SOLD M390 SOLD TiCN Cruwear SOLD Burnt orange hap40 SOLD 204p $140 g&s V-toku2 $130 g&s Supergold SOLD CF/hap40 $150 g&s I have other Delicas if you're looking for a different one. Shoot me a PM.
  9. UseitorLoseit

    A few nice GECs

    Not that I'm looking to get rid of at the moment.
  10. UseitorLoseit

    A few nice GECs

    I have a number of GECs for trade: 15 TC cranberry sawcut bone 77 natural linen micarta 85 caplifters I'm looking for: Michigan Jack Hawthorne Jack clip point Esky Zulu My preference for the above is bone. Feel free to run other trades by me. I have more GECs than what's in the pics...
  11. UseitorLoseit

    Bark River Essential

    I definitely might be. Shoot an email to me at [email protected]
  12. UseitorLoseit


    I'll take the 77 please
  13. UseitorLoseit

    Bark River Essential

    I'll pass on the 23 but thanks for the offer.
  14. UseitorLoseit

    Bark River Essential

    TRADED Bark River Essential in matte black canvas micarta. Includes box, factory sheath, and pocket sheath. Interested in: Spyderco Delica in various steels Benchmade 940bk-2004 Various GECs Feel free to run anything by me though.
  15. UseitorLoseit

    Northwoods Big Bay in giraffe

    GONE Northwoods Big Bay in giraffe. Includes bag, slip, and coin. Some interests: GEC & Northwoods in giraffe, camel, elephant Clip point Hawthorne jack Michigan jack Esky Zulu 48, 72, 81, 82, 92 Custom Lannys Feel free to run any GEC or Northwoods by me though. Also open to customs. Cash...
  16. UseitorLoseit

    Large pj basketweave 21

    Large basketweave Sebenza 21. Unused with all the factory stuff. SOLD
  17. UseitorLoseit

    GEC 93 Waynorth lambfoot in ebony

    Unused 93 lambfoot in ebony. TRADED
  18. UseitorLoseit

    Benchmade Bugout w/ Rogue CF scales

    Bugout. Liners and hardware from a 535bk-2, satin blade from a 535, CF scales from Rogue. Includes box from the 535bk-2. No factory scales. Has been sharpened. SOLD
  19. UseitorLoseit

    Great Eastern 15 TC

    GEC 152121 TC in smooth autumn gold bone. Unused. Looking for: 72 spear or clip 74 in bone (not purple) 48 with "1" clip point Northwoods Hawthorne clip Northwoods Heritage in bone Northwoods Big Bay in bone Northwoods Madison Feel free to run something else by me though.
  20. UseitorLoseit

    Indian River Jack in giraffe

    Looking to trade my giraffe IRJ for: TRADED