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  1. Ad Astra

    Who is your favorite Kami?

    Hmm. Sher always made a strong blade; Kumar, a pretty one. Bura, the reference blade! But I'll vote Kumar. AA
  2. Ad Astra

    2 week Staycation courtesy of COVID19

    Hate to hear it, Jake. Smoke up in the morning ... AA
  3. Ad Astra

    John Powell - A fair wind and following sea

    Likewise, Mr. Jake. AA
  4. Ad Astra

    John Powell - A fair wind and following sea

    JP gone too ... Smoke up at sunset for the forum's losses. AA
  5. Ad Astra

    Send smoke and prayers for Bura Kami

    Deeply saddened to hear this... AA
  6. Ad Astra

    Remembrances of those who have passed away

    HD! Long time no "see." Do you still have the online "Shack?" I lost the bookmark. I am sure goats, music and the good life are taking most of your retirement time - hopefully getting in some concerts! And I'd bet you're in touch with Kis or Nasty or some of them. PM me if you'd like; we can...
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  10. AA stuff

    AA stuff

  11. Ad Astra

    A Hungry Ghost returns

    Howard, great to be here (though working on rebirth, hopefully not as a preta). The lanterns certainly caught my attention. Earlier that day, I actually bought a khukuri for the first time in many years... I'll be reading the mail, so to speak. AA
  12. Ad Astra

    A Hungry Ghost returns

    Steve, thanks. It's an answer. I'll get caught up on the other changes. Kumar is back pounding steel? He made the YCS I got from DIJ. AA
  13. Ad Astra

    A Hungry Ghost returns

    As I walk into the light of your campfire here, I see many strange faces. Yet though this is not my fire - and I don't know most of you - I know we are related. Brothers of the Bent Blade, it was once called. Last Saturday night - Aug. 25 - a light in the sky caught my attention. No, not the...
  14. Ad Astra

    Remembrances of those who have passed away

    Howard, thanks for this thread. Smoke up for those Great Guys who have walked west. We remember. Mike
  15. Ad Astra

    Something Special And A Voice From The Past

    Interesting stuff and thanks! :cool: AA
  16. Ad Astra

    Day 1: the end of my Cursed existence.

    Thanks, all. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Wife treats May 23 like a second birthday; got a neat Merkur safety razor and sushi lunch. Ten years is a chunk of life. I've given up very little to gain a lot. Mike
  17. Ad Astra

    Day 1: the end of my Cursed existence.

    Bump for 10 years of sobriety today. Ten years ago a group of people here I respected loaned me their collective strength to change my life. With their support, I have made a good start. Many of the are gone and yet they remain; in our hearts, our memories and on these forum pages. Yet I...
  18. Ad Astra

    I couldn't let it lie...

    More photos would be nice ... Mike
  19. Ad Astra

    The Best Little HI Bowie This Side of The World

    Nice, nice, nice! Mike
  20. Ad Astra

    Home Defense Short Sword

    ah, an AC Lakonia ... brings you "one step closer to the enemy," according to the Greeks. Want one of those myself! Being lazy- and direct- I just rely on a shotgun ... Mike