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  1. 2Dead

    Lets talk GEC!

    Definitely eyeballed the ruler. I checked the green #48 jack from 2011 in my pocket and it came out to 3.908" on the digital caliper. The cranberry jigged bone 2015 one I posted earlier came out at 3.905". I checked a Northfield tortoise acrylic and natural stag from the same 2015 run and they...
  2. 2Dead

    Do you ever keep a knife you really don't like?

    You're welcome ;):D As to the question, sometimes I give away or sell them but a lot of times I put them away in the stash and forget they're there. As for your jack up there, I'd still keep it. You never know when a knife with a light pull is exactly whats needed.
  3. 2Dead

    Lets talk GEC!

    Rereading my first post makes me want to clarify a bit... I wasn't unhappy with GECs its just that what they were making wasn't what I was looking for. John and Jack's post are where I'm at. Although I did come very close to a ebony #35 Churchill. And a #78 jack in ebony and Tidioute trim would...
  4. 2Dead

    Lets talk GEC!

    Hey thanks Will!! And happy to help :)
  5. 2Dead

    Lets talk GEC!

    Good to be back guys!!
  6. 2Dead

    Lets talk GEC!

    I haven't posted much in a long time but I want to say I do hope those of you who want one of these GECs do get them and for fair prices. I've kept myself out of the game, just using the ones I have while I patiently wait for that stainless #48 jack I'm sure will listed in the next production...
  7. 2Dead

    We lost one of our own today......

    RIP Esav :(
  8. 2Dead

    Happy Birthday Charlie!!

    Happy Birthday Charlie!!
  9. 2Dead

    "White Owl"... 3.5" Equal End... from GEC

    Yes. Yes it is :D Awesome lineup shot!! The #35 does fit in quite nicely.