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    ZT 0450CF very lightly used $140

    is this sold?
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    Closed Thanks BF & Buyers!

    Randos Grip with Cuscadi scales. Hardware needs adjusting / loctite $225 email [email protected] with pictures please
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    All SOLD - Spyderco/Benchmade/Emerson

    email [email protected] with additional pictures of the griptillian please
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    Extrema Ratio BD4 folding Dagger & Kershaw Halogen CF with Blue screws

    If the kershaw is not gone, contact me at [email protected] for instant sale. Thanks!
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    David moiser, giant mouse, BM, spyderco,reate

    Interested in a package deal. Send pics and pricing to ru124t at yahoo dot com. Thanks
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    SOLD - Medford Smooth Criminal S35VN

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    2nds on dom ru124t at yahoo dot com
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    Week 48 - Spyderco FB46G Bow River - BladeForums.com Year of Giveaways

    Thank you for the great site and the chance to win!!!
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    Week 43 - Spyderco Endela + Prize Pack! BladeForums.com 20th Anniversary Year of Giveaways

    Thanks Blade Forums for the chance to win. I really appreciate it!
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    Week 41 - Kizer Ki4510A2 Nick Swan Matanzas

    Got to get in for da win baby! Ty bladeforums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Week 38 - Kizer 1034A1 Gingrich Bush Knife - BladeForums.com 20th Anniversary Year of Giveaways

    You cant win it if you are not in it ! LOL Thanks Blade Forums!!!!!