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  1. A.S.

    Let's see your Case knives, old to new.

    Starting to get some good tomatoes down South. 1975 Sodbuster.
  2. A.S.

    Atwood Landslides

    SOLD Four brand new Peter Atwood Landslide beads. 1. Titanium Mini Flute 2. Copper Mini Flute 3. Tellurium Copper Multi Grip 4. Red Anodized Aluminum Mini Flute
  3. A.S.

    Spyderco Delica 4 Cruwear Dark Grey FRN C11PDGY

    SOLD Spyderco Delica 4 Cruwear Dark Grey FRN C11PDGY BRAND NEW IN THE BOX.
  4. A.S.

    Roselli Wootz UHC Carpenter knife (HRC 66-68)

    SOLD Roselli Wootz Carpenter Knife w/ leather sheath Steel is: Wootz UHC High carbon steel (HRC 66-68) Made in Harmoinen, Finland Knife is brand new. These are fairly hard to come by in the US. Highly prized for its incredible blade hardness.
  5. A.S.

    Albers Cutlery Company

    I’m super exited about these fixed blades! The burgundy micarta is coming to my house soon. A perfect size to edc from the field to the house/kitchen. CPM154 sharpens like a razor too.
  6. A.S.

    Let's see your good old basic fixed blades, Bowie's, Stickers, etc.

    Bret Dowell in Westinghouse micarta.
  7. A.S.

    What Books Are You Reading Right Now?

    Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. A thick book that’s worth the effort. Great story and most accessible of any Russian authors I’ve read previously.
  8. A.S.

    GiantMouse GMF1-E (Elmax) knife

    SOLD This is the rarest of the GMF1's. Elmax initial run of 200. This is number 071. Only used once to chop some vegetables. Includes a custom made coyote brown kydex sheath along with original sheath & box.
  9. A.S.

    Lynch Northwest - Spyderco Pocket Clips

    SOLD Lynch Northwest Long Titanium (Sandwashed) (lightly used) Lynch Northwest Short Titanium (Bronze Ano) (brand new in sealed box) Lynch Northwest Spyderco Para 3 (Brown ORB) (brand new in sealed box)
  10. A.S.

    CRKT 6300 Cut N Gap Pocket Knife Champion Plug Gapper VINTAGE

    SOLD Columbia River Knife & Tool - 6300 Cut N Gap Pocket Knife Champion Plug Gapper. This is an older hard to find model still BRAND NEW IN THE BOX.
  11. A.S.

    Albers Cutlery Company

    Almost made it through checkout.