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  1. SALTY

    Coming this Spring - KA-BAR Becker BK40 Folder

    I'll get one - mainly to support Ethan. I like the shape and style of the knife.
  2. SALTY

    Cold Steel Outdoorsman Lite discontinued

    The Outdoorsman Lite is one of those knives that sort of doesn't make sense until you have one and use it - then, it makes perfect sense at the $20-ish price point.
  3. SALTY

    Andrew Demko still with CS?

    Demko designing knives and then having them manufactured in another country is not a significant departure from the Cold Steel business model of the past. Demko designs really good knives and Taiwan in known for good quality production. I am optimistic. Now, OTOH, as for Cold Steel going...
  4. SALTY

    Collecting vs Using?

    If allowed, I could have checked two vote boxes. If there is a knife I carry and use that I really like, I will get a "back-up" safe Queen, just in case that particular model is ever discontinued. Cases in point being the ZT 630 and the Becker BK-15. Not that these aren't/weren't even limited...
  5. SALTY

    Advice on how to narrow down collection

    I am generally in the <$150 camp myself but have different knives for different functions. EDC with heavy pants/hearty pockets; EDC with lighter weight trousers - hence the AD-10, Recon 1, etc. and my Spydercos. Travel and times/places/circumstances where the knife might be separated from me -...
  6. SALTY

    Serrated Edge vs. Straight Edge

    Put me in the combo edge camp; but I wish manufacturers would put the serrated section out by the tip and the plain edge section aft. That being said, and as a total fan of the Spyderco Salt series both the H1 and the LC200N blades, a plain edge seems more useful for every day tasks and, as...
  7. SALTY

    Who else EDCs a fixedblade?

    Good point JFK. Is there any competitor to the Volcano? I ask because despite my affection for trailing points, they don't seem to sell well. I am an outdoorsman and find that blade shape to me most useful. Even though it's not a dramatic trailing point the Chris Reeve One Piece Range "Sable" is...
  8. SALTY

    s30 Bugout (sold) and VG-10 Endura users for sale

    I'll take the Endura as per or PMs.
  9. SALTY

    Who else EDCs a fixedblade?

    I like Fallkniven but generally look for alternatives given that you have to send the knife across the pond if it ever needs warranty service - but, I am a sucker for trailing points (like the sadly discontinued Becker BK-15) and that Sir is one sexy looking trailing point!
  10. SALTY

    Who else EDCs a fixedblade?

    JFK, could I ask you want that bottom trailing point fixed blade is please?
  11. SALTY

    KaBar John Adventure "Potbelly"

    Gamestalker is sold.
  12. SALTY

    What full size Leatherman to buy?

    The Wave or Wave+ is a great EDC multi-tool. However, when there's work to be done I prefer the Super Tool 300. The lack of one hand opening from a closed tool is easily solved with my ubiquitous pocket folder de jour; I never leave home without one. A pocket folder and a ST 300 can do much.
  13. SALTY

    LM super tool 300 and rebar trick

    Cool beans stuff, Rhyder - thank you for sharing. The SuperTool 300 truly is a super tool!
  14. SALTY

    Leatherman supertool 300 black oxide

    I'll take it per our PMs.
  15. SALTY

    KaBar John Adventure "Potbelly"

    Don, it's yours; SPF.
  16. SALTY

    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    I'm not a big fan of "Bug Out" but rather prefer to "Bug In" but I do have a "Get Home" bag or three and to contribute by equally values two-cents to the thread I would respectfully suggest the following: Rural: Becker BK9 Mora (why not? Light and cheap performer.) Leatherman (scissors and saw...
  17. SALTY

    Better Late Than Never

    To twist a time honored phrase to be apropos to Cold Steel Folders, they punch above their price. Every old Steel knife I own - every one, performs better than its price point. As others here have mentioned they provide much for the money spent. They are rugged, reliable, durable - and work...
  18. SALTY

    Recommendation? Harduse folder choices?

    OK, it's an old thread and the OP probably already bought a knife, used it, sold/traded it, bought another then sold/traded that by now ... but I can't help myself. I have and like ZT; I have and like DPx; I have and like Emerson. My suggestion: SR1 or other full size TriAD lock, such as my...