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  1. RokJok

    SYKCO WS1020 w/ 2 sheaths

    PM & email sent. Thx.
  2. RokJok

    *SOLD* Holiday Kitchen Knife Sale.

    Thx for your quick reply. Message sent.
  3. RokJok

    *SOLD* Holiday Kitchen Knife Sale.

    Nice design lines on those bad boys and the contrasting pins really pop the aqua colored scales. Nice choice. What hardness are these blades? What is spine thickness & thickness right above edge? Blade height at the heel? Any payment options besides PP? Enquiring minds want to know. TIA.
  4. RokJok

    8" Mosaic Damascus Dark Rider

    Please forgivem aging eyes, but due to view angle in some pictures the transition from blade to bolster appears to be a very crisp sharp corner and in others I seem to detect a slightly radiused corner. How is that transition made? Thank you in advance. Please let me know if there is any...
  5. RokJok

    8" Mosaic Damascus Dark Rider

    That is a beauty! I sent you a PM with a couple questions. Keep up the fine workmanship.
  6. RokJok

    Good Robert Erickson is a fantastic maker

    My experience ordering & getting a custom kitchen knife from Robert was also seamless and very pleasant. Exemplary craftsmanship & textbook customer service. A great transaction all the way! I ordered a slightly longer version of a knife he had posted to the BF kitchen forum, albeit dressed...
  7. RokJok

    *PRICE DROPS!* BB4, TRASH-1, and some CS Goodness

    Is the BB4 the anorexic or the magnum blade thickness?
  8. RokJok

    WTS Chef Knife Cpm-s35

    I like the blade shape on that bad boy. Any chance we could get an edge up shot from the butt end of the knife to show off the grind profile? Thanks in advance.
  9. RokJok

    Raindrop damascus chef (price drop)

    Beautiful bit of damascus workmanship on that blade! Well done. Is the spine rounded over? Or are the corners chamfered off some? Or was the spine left square? TIA.
  10. RokJok

    Spyderco, CS 4Max USA, Kershaw, Southern Grind

    What is handle material on the Kershaw Link? Thx.
  11. RokJok

    Chef and Cleaver set in AEB L (can split)

    What are blade lengths, height (at heel), and handle lengths? Thanks.
  12. RokJok


    PM sent.
  13. RokJok

    User Sale INFI & SR101

    Sans second sheath, I will decline the RMD/sheath combo, in spite of it being a real good price on a great knife.
  14. RokJok

    User Sale INFI & SR101

    I'll take the RMD/sheath combo plus extra drop loop sheath at $170 for the whole shootin' match. PM to follow.
  15. RokJok

    Older and rare rats & dog!

    HR Gen 1 I'll take it!
  16. RokJok

    Sold SYKCO Scrapmax 460

    Just sent. Sorry for the delay & thx again.