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  1. BTGuy

    Welcome back! Current status, known issues, and more.

    Thanks for the update, and for all your hard work! You da man, Spark!
  2. BTGuy

    I Like Thin Knives and I Cannot Lie!

    Slim carry profile has been more and more the top aspect for my regular carry knife. The CRK Small Sebenza has struck a great balance between pocketability and use for me for quite a while. Until I got this Santa Fe Stoneworks Tesoro.... By far the most pocket friendly knife I've owned yet...
  3. BTGuy

    Help me pick multi-tool or knife for graduation gift for my son.

    Another suggestion would be a basic toolkit: https://www.newegg.com/rosewill-rtk-045/p/N82E16899261003 Good all-around kit to start with. Little things like the small part grabber come in handy quite often. He'll certainly find need for more specific tools as studies progress, but a basic kit...
  4. BTGuy

    Help me pick multi-tool or knife for graduation gift for my son.

    A Leatherman Squirt PS4 would be a helpful tool for a computer tech in training. The pliers come in especially handy when fiddling around inside a computer case as well as the blade and other tools it has. Very compact tool that goes well on the keychain and doesn't take up a ton of space in the...
  5. BTGuy

    Recommend me a good hunting knife

    Another vote to check out the custom makers on this site! I've found much better value in the customs offered here than in most production knives. Although, the CS Master Hunter is definitely a good one. Probably the only production fixed blade I still use on occasion.
  6. BTGuy

    Top 10 blades everyone should own

    This is pretty much what I was about to write: A specific example to #3 is the Spyderco Dragonfly. Before I got that knife I was certain anything under 3"-3.5" would never work for me as a regular day-to-day knife. It made me realize you can still have good ergonomics and deal with the...
  7. BTGuy

    Not so super steel?

    Ditto what most have said already about a working edge versus polished edge. I've found going above 600 grit in general doesn't add any longevity to the life of a cutting edge. I find it's more about how long the "teeth" on the edge stick around than the exact angle of the bevel or how shiny it...
  8. BTGuy

    Server issues @ BFC?

    Site seems better last couple days. Not sure if the new servers are already going, but appreciate all your efforts!
  9. BTGuy

    Sebenza 31 Lock Rock?!

    Shot in the dark here, but try switching the pivot around. I haven't had a need to try on any of my Chris Reeve knives, but it's me helped sort out issues on other knives. Edit: Nevermind. I realized others already suggested this.
  10. BTGuy

    benchmade bugout 535bk-2 DLC coating.

    The coating on my 535GRY-1 has held up pretty well compared to other knives I have with DLC coating. I believe the 535GRY has a chromium nitride coating, so not quite the same as DLC, but I imagine Benchmade's DLC coated blades would hold-up just as well if not better.
  11. BTGuy

    Gentleman’s EDC

    What makes a "gentleman's" knife varies (size, weight, functionality, aesthetics), but I generally will carry one of the following so I have a balance of what I consider important: Slim slicers: Spyderco Chaparral Real Steel Luna Beefier cutters: Small Sebenza 31 - Wood Inlay Benchmade Mini...
  12. BTGuy

    Edge Pro Sharpening Tips, Mistakes, and Lessons Learned

    Always enjoy your sharpening posts, miso. Nice work! I bookmarked your older sharpening thread when I first got my Edge Pro a few years back and it was very helpful. I've found a Shapton Glass #120 stone works well for fast material removal and leaves a nice scratch pattern that doesn't require...
  13. BTGuy

    Mini Bugout

    Picked up a Mini Bugout recently and I must say I'm pretty impressed. First Benchmade, for me, that came out of the box with smooth action, no play, and very nearly perfectly centered blade. I had a regular Bugout before, and found the balance favoring the blade more, so I got a brass backspacer...
  14. BTGuy

    Good Blades Canada AKA Warriors and Wonders

    They're an excellent retailer! I've had only one issue with them over dozens of orders over the last 4+ years (sent the folder version of Buck Small Selkirk instead of fixed version; similar model # though) and they happily worked to resolve it. Pretty near the last retailer in Canada that has a...
  15. BTGuy

    Designated Political Arena constructive criticism & suggestions for improvements thread

    Best, simplest suggestion I've seen in my opinion. All I can think to add is to suggest that people take a moment to reflect (ie. calm down) before making replies when engaged in a heated discussion.
  16. BTGuy

    Sebenza 31 Lock Rock?!

    I've wondered for a while now if the ceramic ball position on the lockbar is one of the major factors in the variety of lockups people have been noting. My small Sebenza 31 has had a bit of movement in the blade when pressing on the spine since the day I received it new several months ago. More...
  17. BTGuy

    Review My Impressions Of The Sebenza 31

    @wrtaz Glad you found my review helpful! My 31 has Macassar Ebony wood inlays. When I looked at as many pictures of them as I could find before buying, the majority seemed to have a mostly dark colour to them (unlike the Chris Reeve stock image which shows quite the variety in colour/shade). If...
  18. BTGuy

    Review My Impressions Of The Sebenza 31

    @TRfromMT I'm glad my review was useful to you. Totally agree on the lookup feeling more secure on the 21 than on the 31. Although, I've had no further issue with the 31 other than the "wiggle" when pressing on the back of the blade with it open. Very much a non-concern for me at this point...
  19. BTGuy

    New Tanto CF Begleiter!(Ki4458T3) (GAW test within)

    Looks very nice! Having the CF version work as a liner lock keeps the knife looking nice and clean. Less thing to hang up on the pocket are nice. Is the pivot keyed (like a D shape) to keep it from spinning on the side without a screw hole?
  20. BTGuy

    CRK knives really are all the craze - just got my first CRK!

    Congrats on finding a knife you really enjoy! I found the Sebenza to be a similar experience. On paper, it doesn't seem very impressive since most other brands claim similar, if not better, materials and manufacturing. I gave CRK a wide berth at the beginning and tried lots of other knives...