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  1. Dusty One

    Space Monkey Knives

    Very Nice looking work !
  2. Dusty One

    Valet Tray

    Great Idea....
  3. Dusty One

    Eureka Jack in Pearl

    Very Nice looking work !
  4. Dusty One

    Photos Engraved hunting knife

    Beautiful work !
  5. Dusty One

    4" kwaiken in CPM-Magnacut and Koa

    The whole package looks perfect....!
  6. Dusty One

    Panhandle Fighter

    Its a Beauty....!
  7. Dusty One

    Four of a kind.

    Those are Beautiful....What Great Gifts !
  8. Dusty One

    Mike Snody Pirarucu Pouches

    Nice looking work. Caught a small Pirarucu in Brazil years ago. Brought back some scales from a big one, there huge.
  9. Dusty One

    Composite Vest Bowie

    Its a Beauty !!
  10. Dusty One

    Utility knife in Mammoth

    Wonderful gift......A real Beauty !!!
  11. Dusty One

    SLIVER Deluxe- I made another one :)

    Very Nice looking work !!
  12. Dusty One

    Damascus Puukko

    Wow....Its a Beauty !
  13. Dusty One

    Laddered W’s D-Guard

    Great looking work !!
  14. Dusty One

    Based on Randall design

    Its a Beauty !!!
  15. Dusty One

    Knife Sheath

    Great looking work !!
  16. Dusty One

    The knives ive made

    Nice looking work !!
  17. Dusty One

    Tactical fixed.

    No cant see the photos. but the video opened for me...
  18. Dusty One

    I'll Take 80%

    All the Best to you....Great work as usual !!