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  1. SharpMetal

    PM2, CRK Large 21

    Unlikely 3rds on PM2
  2. SharpMetal

    Para 2 sprint S45VN

    I believe you can do FF as long as the seller does the math to eliminate any confusion, which this seller did.
  3. SharpMetal

    *SOLD*2 New SAKs (Farmer & Cadet, both alox olive with lanyard)

    Interested in seconds on the cadet if the above deal falls through.
  4. SharpMetal

    Pay it forward. Yes we're doing this again.

    I probably got an rma to track it although I can’t be certain of it. I do recall being very pleased that they took care of me. I’ve purchased other Leatherman products and that was the only one I ever had a problem with but I certainly can’t complain about their customer service.
  5. SharpMetal

    Pay it forward. Yes we're doing this again.

    If I remember correctly you can submit your warranty online and send the tool to them. I snapped the jaw on a skelitool a few years back. Was trying to remove a bolt and guess I torqued the jaw in a way that it didn’t agree with. I was honest with them about what I was doing. Sent it in and...