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    Pm Sent.
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    User Busse AK-47 and Okuden SST for sale

    I'll take the AK-47! Sent you a pm.
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    Stripping And Bluing Project - A Learning Experience

    Nice work. Both have unique characteristics. I like the Swiss cheese look from the dimples on the Rodent Solution!
  4. J

    Rodent Rucki

    I'll take it!!!! Black with Black Micarta to match my waki!!!!
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    Blade Show 2011.....New Models...

    I'm one excited rat. RUCKI!!!!!!!!! I'm excited for all of the new releases. Seize the Cheese!!!!!
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    Win free steelnut kydex sheaths here....

    .308, Thanks again Scott!
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    Conveniently enough, I do have a Fenix L0D. I'm going to have to try that out. Thanks, Mr. Pink.
  8. J

    A spy in our midst.

    He's wearing a Horton Knives shirt.;):D
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    The Streamlight Microstream is an excellent bang for your buck edc light as well. AAA, Pocket clip, Tail Switch. I've put mine through the ringer, swimming in the ocean, beach camping for a week, plus being carried everywere I go. I swooped mine from amazon for 15 bucks. I'm a fan of the preon 1...
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    RatMastiff Chopper death chat

    Bring on the chopper! I need a Ratmastiff so I can piggyback my RS on it:D
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    New Death Chat: T-Shirts Wanted!

    Holy Swamp Rat Shirt, batman!
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    New Death Chat: T-Shirts Wanted!

    Well I'm up Shirt creek, without a Shirt! Bring on the SR TEE!
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    New to the swamp...

    Welcome Mike, Excellent choice with the RMD and Solution. I like the shemagh as a background. Welcome to the swamp and the addiction! -Judd
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    Win free steelnut kydex sheaths here....

    Thanks Steelnut! Your generosity is much appreciated! Email Sent.
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    Win free steelnut kydex sheaths here....

    172 for me. thanks steelnut!
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    Rat Man Deux and Rat Man Du stuff

    Excellent work, leatherman, I especially dig the sheath in the 2nd pic, I like that color a lot.
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    Orange Game Warden..$240.00

    Bumping no longer sends thread back to the top, unless you have it switched over in your options to time of last post, not time thread was posted.