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  1. Mike157

    CPK Behemoth Chopper

    Very nice! Clean and classy. Mike
  2. Mike157

    SLIVER Deluxe- I made another one :)

    Looking very fine!
  3. Mike157

    Utility knife in Mammoth

    Beautiful! Very nicely done.
  4. Mike157

    Tigerlily Knight fixed blade - Elm Burl

    I will take it, if still available. PM on its way. Mike
  5. Mike157

    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    And given the video of Dr. Dan Keffeler going through a 2” x 4” in one swing, we know it cuts well. Mike
  6. Mike157

    CPK Boot Daggers

    Ha! This package showed up in my mail box the other day. I was about to post it. But Richard beat me to it. Since I’m such a terrible procrastinator when it comes to posting photos, I appreciate your doing so. The sheath is indeed made by Jill Gregory, and is full leather and leather lined...
  7. Mike157

    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Hi Patrick - I will take the FK2, if still available. PM on its way. Mike
  8. Mike157

    Axe? Please educate me

    Most likely be the best axe, ever.
  9. Mike157

    Axe? Please educate me

    I recently came across a brand of US made axes/hatchets/hammers called “Hardcore”. 4140 steel. They claim to be some of the best in the world. I know very little about the design aspects of these types of tools, but did do quite a bit cutting, chopping, hammering in my younger days, and always...
  10. Mike157


    My apologies for that late response, Coop. I had searched for the FotoTime website and that explanation was prominent in a couple of the results. Mike
  11. Mike157

    Photos! Post your CPK photos here!

    I’m guessing that the perfect little divot one can see just before the “6”, is the indent left by the Rockwell tester. Mike
  12. Mike157

    Photos! Post your CPK photos here!

    What the heck.... the situation seemed ripe for a photo..... No banana slugs were harmed in the making of digital production. Mike
  13. Mike157

    Random Thought Thread

    I remember the Cutlass Supreme well. In my late teens we would all pile into our friend’s Cutlass for travels to the evening entertainment. It actually may have been peashit green also. Very fond memories.
  14. Mike157

    Random Thought Thread

    Ha! It was a fun ride! Dark blue. The straight sixes were great! So easy to work on. I can’t remember, was that still a slant six? Well, if you had to crash it, you were protected by some real steel.
  15. Mike157

    Random Thought Thread

    If we’re doing first cars, mine was a well used 1963 Chrysler 300. Talk about a perfect car for loading all the buddies in, putting the boards on top, and searching for waves. That 383 engine could get us there quickly. It became a big drawback for a poor teenager, when the gas prices starting...
  16. Mike157


    Looks like I’m screwed too. Mike FotoTime On March 10, due to circumstances beyond our control, FotoTime suffered a catastrophic outage. This outage effected both the infrastructure and data. Regretably, due to this outage, FotoTime has ceased operations. We would like to thank all of our...
  17. Mike157

    (SOLD) 52100 Dagger

    You’re very welcome, Ollie! Mike
  18. Mike157

    (SOLD) 52100 Dagger

    I’ll take it if still available. PM on its way. Mike
  19. Mike157

    Random Thought Thread

    Great and informative article! Thank you for the link. Mike
  20. Mike157

    CPK folk are the best folk!

    The pleasure is mine, Mat! Mike