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  1. Ron Sabbagh

    Favorite traditional pattern

    The splitback whittler gets my vote for the most beautiful traditional pattern - in most any configuration. For EDC and practical use, it's the Bose Tribal Spear for me.
  2. Ron Sabbagh

    SHIRO KAMI BNIB - selling for a loss

    I am the original owner. BNIB. Wonderful knife - no issues. Just need the money for another hobby. Fires like a Shiro should. Smooth. Centered. It’s all there. Comes with box & COA from Recon1 $1295 Zelle $1325 PayPal G&S Includes shipping email me if you want a video: ronsabbagh at...
  3. Ron Sabbagh

    "Pecking order" for Traditional (Production) "Scandi/Puukko" Knives.

    For a more modern take on a production Scandi/Bushcraft knife, check out the Spyderco Zoomer. Very well made knife & sheath
  4. Ron Sabbagh


    My preferred trifecta; Sebenza with drop point Inkosi with Insingo Umnumzaan with Tanto
  5. Ron Sabbagh

    Innocuous/discreet carry knives

    Lots of good options mentioned I’ll add a CRK Mnandi which I wear clipped to my shirt pocket (looks like a pen) or unclipped in a pants pocket
  6. Ron Sabbagh

    SHIROGOROV KAMI for your F3NS, 95 or Sebbie

    Thanks Tom it is gorgeous but just too small for me
  7. Ron Sabbagh

    SHIROGOROV KAMI for your F3NS, 95 or Sebbie

    Not just the knife the Kami is a $1500 knife maybe we can work something out but I will need cash on my end unless you have something else for trade
  8. Ron Sabbagh

    SHIROGOROV KAMI for your F3NS, 95 or Sebbie

    Large PJ 21? Yes I’m nterested
  9. Ron Sabbagh

    SHIROGOROV KAMI for your F3NS, 95 or Sebbie

    I have a NIB Kami. I am the original owner. Cones with everything from Recon 1. Gorgeous knife just too small/thin for my bear paw hands. If you want a slimmer Shiro that is sized between the Neon and 95, this is your knife. Looking to trade for 95 or F3NS with some $$ to me. Or perhaps a...
  10. Ron Sabbagh

    Recommendation? How to make the hard Choices?

    Welcome to bladeforums only you can decide which to keep and which to sell. There is no “system” or logical algorithm. We all have our own personal preferences. We can probably help guide you along your journey but ultimately you will have to perform your own trial and error to figure out...
  11. Ron Sabbagh


    This is not the newer locking Lanny’s Clip. This is a slip joint collaboration from 2012. Only 200 made with ebony scales. I am the second owner so I’ll call it used but looks to be in excellent condition. I have jot used or carried it. Suede pouch included but no box. Still has nice snap...
  12. Ron Sabbagh

    Are the flippers / scalpers going to ruin the the fun?

    see: GEC knives basically, like you, I've lost interest in the unobtainable. I enjoy what ! have and what I can obtain. Like Blues, I refuse to be scalped.
  13. Ron Sabbagh


    Evo Harpoon SOLD Evo Bowie SOLD
  14. Ron Sabbagh


    Tom...email me Ronsabbagh at gmail dot com
  15. Ron Sabbagh


    All are NIB with super lockup and smooth action. Kami & Harpoon Evo are dead center. Blackout is just a wee bit off center. All original boxes. COA for Kami which is #205 SBD EVO Typhoon are both full size. Blackout with Bowie blade and marbled carbon fiber; Harpoon with marbled carbon...
  16. Ron Sabbagh

    Renaissance wax protection

    Your inlays are stabilized (treated) and do not need any extra protection. Use it and enjoy it. Gorgeous piece you have. Show us a pic!
  17. Ron Sabbagh

    Show Me Your Ivory ;)

    Not my pic obviously, but it is my knife.
  18. Ron Sabbagh

    17 years in the making.

    Thank you for your service To accompany that beautiful blade, you deserve a Colt Python Detective Special my friend.