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    9” Disc Recommendation

    Huh. I wonder if it would help at all if you unbolted the sockets from the motor mounting plate and the slid them onto each arm with the work-rest already attached to the arms, and then tried to mount the sockets back onto the face plate with the whole assembly already on/in on them. If you...
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    9” Disc Recommendation

    I hear ya man, it's never fun having problems with a pricey new piece of equipment. What specifically is giving you issues on it? Is it the ease (or lack thereof) of sliding the arms in and out, or is it something else? Got any pics of the part that's giving you trouble? Edit: did it come to...
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    9” Disc Recommendation

    I just remembered, it really helps to keep one of the lever-locks loose (one that locks the table's angle at the front of the arms) when putting the work rest back on the disc. This lets one of the arms slide side to side which allows it to insert easily into the socket without getting stuck...
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    9” Disc Recommendation

    Hey Dustin, you ever get your KMG work rest figured out? ~Paul My Youtube Channel ... (Some older vids of some of the older knives I made)
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    9” Disc Recommendation

    That's the exact same combo I have. :thumbsup: ~Paul My Youtube Channel ... (Some older vids of some of the older knives I made)
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    9” Disc Recommendation

    It can take a bit of set up and messing around with to get it right, but once you do it works as it should. Almost everything on it is adjustable, so make sure everything is in line and the sockets are set at the correct width so the arms go in and out of them smoothly (if that's one of the...
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    Pro "Oil" dye before tooling leather

    I was wondering if anybody could help me out with this. On my previous sheath, actually my first leather sheath, I did the tooling pattern as it is usually done, and after I got the sheath stitched together I then dyed it with Fiebing's pro black dye. While I was applying the dye with the...
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    Mosaic Damascus Cherry blossom Ivory Bowie

    Thanks for sharing that with me. It sounds like you learned a good bit in the making of this handle. I think the more subdued finish you gave the ivory looks perfect on this. Once again, beautiful job! ~Paul My Youtube Channel ... (Some older vids of some of the older knives I made)
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    Mosaic Damascus Cherry blossom Ivory Bowie

    It turned out beautifully! I always enjoy seeing what design elements you'll come up with, and this is no exception. I love cherry blossoms. If you don't mind me asking, I remember the thread you started about this in Shoptalk: what method did you end up using to polish the details in the...
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    Recommendation? Hidden Tang Max Width | Wood Wall Thickness

    Here's a vid for reference: Check at 4:40 ~Paul My Youtube Channel ... (Some older vids of some of the older knives I made)
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    Recommendation? Hidden Tang Max Width | Wood Wall Thickness

    On hunters or Bowies etc., I follow what I've seen Karl Andersen do, which is the keep the tang wide at the shoulders and where is goes through the guard, then make another slight step down (with radiused shoulders of course) just before it exits the back of the guard. This way the tang is...
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    Handle material ,,,,, what kind????

    Notta. ~Paul My Youtube Channel ... (Some older vids of some of the older knives I made)
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    Handle material ,,,,, what kind????

    Still not showing up. You have to upload and share the link from and image hosting site such as Imgur or Flickr etc. If Flickr is used, click on the "share" arrow below the pic and copy the BB code then paste it here. ~Paul My Youtube Channel ... (Some older vids of some of the older...
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    I need grinding tips

    If you haven't yet, you can also try some Trizact Gator belts for going passed 120 grit as they don't heat up quite as fast as the standard, non-structured AO belts. For your single speed set up I would go up to about 220 grit (A100) or 320 (A65) with a Gator belt and then just switch to hand...
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    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    Hey guys, here's a Santoku I finished up not too long ago. The blade is 15n20 I got from JT a few years back. The handle is some beautiful stabilized Indonesian Ebony with all kinds of colors under the right light, (e.g. reds, browns, purples, even some yellows) with a stainless spacer. The...
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    Using a Edge Belt/Spindle Sander?

    The edge sander you showed in your link likely won't work, at least not with a jig. If you ground all of your knives without plunge lines where the bevel just ran off of the blade's heal it might work, but it would probably be a bit dangerous doing the side where to belt would be spinning into...
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    Tombstone Defender

    Great looking knife, John. Nice blade and handle shape. I tend to agree with Richard regarding the shape of the guard breaking the overall flow by causing one's eyes to stop abruptly at the handle to guard transition. As Richard mentioned, even a slight concavity to the finger sides of the...
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    Damascus belduque WIP

    Don't forget that Nickel Silver (aka German Silver; Argentan etc.) is always a great option for peened pins if you're ever wanting more of a "silver" color in your pins instead of brass or copper. I think it's also called "Alpaca" in Spanish. You may already know of it, but I thought I'd...
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    Recommendation? Drilling African Blackwood - tips and tricks?

    Try a forstner bit for drilling dowel holes, or just larger holes in general. I had a real "fun" time using a 3/8" twist bit trying to drill through a block of stabilized Indonesian ebony lol. You can also use some wax or oil for lubricant and then clean the hole out with mineral spirits or...
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    Thorn and Rose - Pair of sujihiki , 10,5´´crushed W-damascus blades, "violin" shaped handles - PM

    :eek: wow! Those are incredible. Beautiful job! ~Paul My Youtube Channel ... (Some older vids of some of the older knives I made)