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  1. JJHollowman

    Vote for your favorite knife spokesman from the names listed

    Lynn Thompson for sheer flamboyance. Not saying he makes better knives but he has his crowd figured out. When he took a squirt of his pepper spray to the face that was an instant classic. My only complaint is he isn't selling body armor so we could watch him get shot wearing it.
  2. JJHollowman

    Do you guys play video games?

    I play RDR2 on PC. Great game. I've played most of the titles you list as well. Haven't joined a posse yet but that could change if I found a good one. Level 191.
  3. JJHollowman

    dacian falx

    pretty cool, decent cosplay too. That scabbard is really nice.
  4. JJHollowman

    Strider Knives....????

    The only thing Berger ever strode to and from was the prison chow line and rec yard but I guess "Don't drop the soap" brand knives doesn't have the same tacticool panache'.
  5. JJHollowman

    Ways to get ripped off on Ebay

    Ebay is awesome, I never do the auctions although I have in the past bought cheap jewelry trinkets for the wife that way, I figure 39 cents and free shipping a few times a year for a smile is a good bargain and it also got me out of going to get the mail, mostly. :D For items we need or want...
  6. JJHollowman

    Swap Meet John Primble, not terrible.

    I had been hankering for a traditional to mix up my EDC but didn't want to spend much, found this NIB at a swap meet before the recent troubles, after regular carry I have to say for $15 I don't feel screwed over. From what I've found online it's not a "good" John Primble but it's not a knockoff...
  7. JJHollowman


    Yep, we farm and they're comfortable. Where I live nobody bats an eye at bibs but you'd get laughed off the town square in skinny jeans.
  8. JJHollowman

    Reality check

    CRKT is an okay entry level knife. Beats Jarbenzas.
  9. JJHollowman

    Are cats "city Rabbits" ?

    More than one person has survived on Long Pig. Besides, cats are fast runners whereas most Americans, being pretty fat.. :D
  10. JJHollowman

    Bad DSK-T custom knives [Buyer Beware]

    Ready to Pay? what in the wide world of scammers is that? He's pretty upfront about it! Somebody should reply "Ready to Ship without stringing somebody along forever?"
  11. JJHollowman

    Photos Knives of the Hot Zone

    Where did you go that allowed you to buy more than two packages of toilet paper?
  12. JJHollowman

    Straight Razor Recommendation? Sharpenable blade

    try here too, they often have some reconditioned old straights that aren't much to look at but are cheap and good for a beginner. https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/
  13. JJHollowman

    Whittling Knife recommendations please

    is that more stuff on the backside or does it lock?
  14. JJHollowman

    Whittling Knife recommendations please

    I've had one of these awhile, you'll find it sharpens up easy with circular diamond files and regular bench stones.
  15. JJHollowman

    How is the new Al Mar Quicksilver quality made in China?

    Exactly- and it's not like he won against the lady, he just dragged his feet legally by using the courts until she died.
  16. JJHollowman

    Copper Handles vs Coronavirus ?

    That will be difficult for people who normally keep their hands in their pants. It'll work for everyone else.
  17. JJHollowman

    Copper Handles vs Coronavirus ?

    All I heard was "not effective against werewolves, science blah, blah, blah". ;)
  18. JJHollowman

    Copper Handles vs Coronavirus ?

    If anti-bacterial is the goal wouldn't silver be the best choice? Plus it kills werewolves.
  19. JJHollowman

    Shower Knife, really? Who does that!

    I assume you know where to wear this. (Hint: not your fingers).
  20. JJHollowman

    Bad Knife buy from earl blackmore, a fraud

    The business website, Hellfire Forge, is no longer online. Looks like another guy who petered out and gave up, sad to say.