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    my cold steel spartan

    If you hadn't said what you did, and I didn't know what it looked like normally, I would have never know there was anything changed. It looks very natural. You did a very good job.
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    My hatred of serrations, and yours, perhaps

    Being chisel ground I know they are much easier to sharpen (due to only having to do one side), but that is all I know about the advantages of being chisel ground. As for the Pacific Salt, you shouldn't have an issue with it being pinned, because if I am not mistaken, the warranty will cover the...
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    Whats your favorite KaBar?

    Nutoknives, that top one is BEAUTIFUL. Does it have a polished coating?
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    If you needed any more reason.....

    Also nice to hear a story where a knife saved lives in a dangerous situation. That sounds wrong, but I have no clue how to properly word it.
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    Wharncliffe Blade

    Ah, forgot Spyderco. They have a few Wharncliffe models. Chokwe, Kiwi, P' Kal, Rock Lobster (kind of), and Urban. Yes, I did just go to the Spyderco website and look through their current production models.
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    My hatred of serrations, and yours, perhaps

    I bought a serrated (and chisel ground) knife, the BM/Emerson CQC7, and I found that serrations are not nearly as bad as I thought to sharpen up. The edge of a cardboard strop (with polishing compound) worked pretty well for sharpening it up. I still prefer straight edge, but I didn't give...
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    Wharncliffe Blade

    7Cr17 is chemically similar to 440A, IIRC. It's what Gerber uses for their "mystery stainless", and not all that bad of a steel, depending on a HUGE factor- the heat treatment. Gerber heat treat would make it a good... letter opener? But a decent hardness would make it a decent EDC.
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    Bought it for a dollar

    If it is a real Case, then $1 was a KILLER deal for it.
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    If you needed any more reason.....

    Did anybody get injured?
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    Wharncliffe Blade

    The Kershaw Leek is close. It has a slightly curved tip, but cuts like a beast. I love my Leek.
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    M42 steel saw blades turned into kitchen knives

    Fine, it isn't a sword, it's a short sword.
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    This is just nuts

    It also has a few more tools. The entire thing can be used as a paperweight, and you can swing it like a brick and a hammer.
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    What are the names of some assisted opening Spydercos???

    I actually asked this before, and got a response from Sal himself. Spyderco has not made an AO, but they are designing a flipper opening knife. Their action is smooth enough to warrant not needing AO at all. The liner locks are super fast to flick, and the lockbacks would need a dangerously...
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    M42 steel saw blades turned into kitchen knives

    That looks sweet. I would say it is more of a saber than a knife, though. I have a feeling that is REALLY good steel. You did a damn good job.
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    Design a best selling folder!

    Hey, in his defense the knife did look cool. Not like 10x regular value cool, maybe like 15-20 more dollars cool.
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    lefty newb needs help

    Spyderco Delica, Buck Vantage (any of the 3 types), and if you are willing to wait a little while the Kershaw Echelon. I am also a lefty, so I have had to research what is available (and cheap but good).
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    Whats your favorite KaBar?

    My favorite is easily my Fin. Got it for a killer price, and with it being thick as hell and made of D2 it can easily take anything I could throw at it. My runner up is my 7in. F/U black, because it is what got me into Ka-Bar, and got me into knives over $20. Without it I would have never...
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    The best quality EDC (folder) for under 40$

    I'll throw it out there (in case it hasn't been mentioned). Opinel. Stainless or carbon, they seriously kick ass, and they could easily be worth 3 times their price.
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    Mora question

    I love my Mora 748 pretty much eats everything the blade touches, if you are (or ever are) looking for a larger Scandi knife.