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    [WTS] (3) Terzuola Customs

    Replied and still available.
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    [WTS] (3) Terzuola Customs

    Thinning the collection significantly, so putting these three Bob Terzuola customs up for sale. All prices OBRO, no trades at this time. Thanks! Full Album: 1. SPF Bob Terzuola 75th Anniversary ATCF $1100 SPF Very good condition, only very slight marks from carry that can be seen in...
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    WTS Tashi, Grimsmo, Cheburkov

    Thanks! Tashi and Norseman are both sold.
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    Maroon Linen Micarta Birdvis Hitchcock

    Very good condition, minimal signs of carry and use. Asking $SOLD. Please see vid for detailed walk-around. Paypal G&S only, thanks. Any questions feel free to holler. Full album: https://imgur.com/a/RwCQR2o
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    WTS Tashi, Grimsmo, Cheburkov

    Hi all, three nice ones up for sale today. Let me know if anyone has any questions or would like specific pictures. https://imgur.com/a/Llau11F 1. Cheburkov Scout w/timascus accents $575 https://imgur.com/AdKRU1O A Rating, LNIB, catch and release for me M390 Blade steel Lot's of internal...
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    WTS Terzuola ATCF & Eagle Rock 514

    Final drop - $1299 and $1599
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    WTS Terzuola ATCF & Eagle Rock 514

    Price drop $1399 and $1699 respectively, happy Friday.
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    WTS Terzuola ATCF & Eagle Rock 514

    Both knives just came back from Bob's shop for a little tune-up! 1. Bob Terzuola 75th Anniversary ATCF WITHDRAWN Very good condition, only very slight marks from carry that can be seen in certain light. Lockup is medium-late but very secure, original edge. Runs on bearings. Comes in Terzuola...
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    (SOLD) WTS Thorburn L19

    SOLD Thorburn L19: B+, $850 https://imgur.com/kjcOeHm Original owner, purchased from Bladegallery, light carry and use, very light ano wear here and there. A great example of ole papa Thorburn's excellence at a nice price, near perfect mechanics imo, crisp detent, perfect lockbar tension...
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    [WTT] Blue Moray V4 Holt Specter for Nude V4

    Looking to perhaps pull a little switcheroo - would like to trade for a nude V4 specter. Offering up my electric blue Moray 2.0 V4 Specter, B rating - has a small amount of ano wear and a teeeeeensy ano scratch on the front by the rear body screw. Please see video, this thing is fingerprinty...
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    SOLD Shirogorov Barker Hokkaido

    Looking to sell this Shirogorov Barker Hokkaido, basically a catch and release for me. Willing to entertain trades - mostly looking for V4 specters right now, perhaps other CD level Shiros. Overall visually the knife is nearly perfect, pictures should document the state of the knife...
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    SOLD Hinderer Gen 3 Eklipse and ZT 707

    Just looking for cash for now.
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    SOLD Hinderer Gen 3 Eklipse and ZT 707

    You bet - yours. Please send me an email at d_burpee AT hotmail.com
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    SOLD Hinderer Gen 3 Eklipse and ZT 707

    Selling two knives in excellent condition, both have been lightly used and carried but could honestly just about pass for new. https://imgur.com/a/yTLY3Df SOLD Hinderer Gen 3 (Triway) Eklipse, orange G10 w/working finish. $360 Only has one Teflon washer not sure if I lost it or only came with...
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    Please Delete

    EDIT: Wrong section, sorry, please delete.
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    The Bears' Den--Shirogorov Showcase

    I haven't owned a recent MRBS 95T however I have owned an F95NL, an F3R, and now own a Quantum. I can definitively say the Quantum is actually the snappiest of the three. I am not sure if that can be 100% attributed to the detent alone or in part due to the design and location of the Quantum's...