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  1. coop1957

    Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight

    Huck, I got to agree with you on the BD1 steel. I find that I can get a very sharp working edge that holds up well. Easy to sharpen and maintain. I have both the BD1 and S110V. The S110v is great but once dull it is a pain to sharpen. Super Steels can be a super pain in the butt.
  2. coop1957

    Stropping on cardboard?

    I work in a warehouse and use my Spyderco Native 5 S35V often to cut a variety of materials - cardboard, plastic wrap, plastic straps, rubber hoses. Occasionally I strop it on corrugated cardboard from a box. It seems to work well. Anybody else use this? What are your thoughts?
  3. coop1957

    Native 5 ....why so expensive?

    Any product or service that is desirable will cost whatever the market will bear.
  4. coop1957

    The One Knife

    The Delica Sabre grind was my 1st "good knife". If only I stopped with the Delica. But no I went down the slippery slope of knife love. 35 years and many $$$ later I'm still looking for "The One". Now I buy one or two production folders a year. Moderation in everything including moderation.
  5. coop1957

    Refresh G10

    The black G10 scales on my trusty Manix 2 have become smooth. Is it possible to restore the original texture? I'm hesitant to try sandpaper for fear of damaging the scales. Any suggestions?
  6. coop1957

    My Spyderco Delica 4 FFG

    Love my D4. Have 2 blue & green. They do everything very well.
  7. coop1957

    The Spydercomb!

    Sal please don't produce silly products. This looks like something on page 203 of the Smoky Mountain Knife catalog.
  8. coop1957

    Pros & Cons of cardboard strop

    OK guys, lately I've been using cardboard as a strop. Seems to work well. Thoughts?
  9. coop1957

    Just got the RAT model 2 ... pics!!

    My Rat2 locks up at the same position. Not a problem. It hasn't moved in over a year of EDC. Solid quality knife.
  10. coop1957

    Thank you all GAW

    Very generous of you. I'm in for the Spyderco.
  11. coop1957

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Alox Farmer & Fenix E05. Very useful.
  12. coop1957

    My Spyderco Delica 4 FFG

    Originally this Delica was a factory saber grind. Now a ffg thanks to Tom Krein for a great regrind. + nice blue custom G10 handles. A wicked slicer. [/IMG]
  13. coop1957

    Manix 2 with backlock coming March-April

    Looks like a winner. The original Manix is a classic. I'm in. Don't care if it is heavy.
  14. coop1957

    Whats you're favorite case color?

    Kinda partial to the Case yellow.
  15. coop1957

    How do you carry your knife?

    CM, You could audition for Taxi Driver 2.
  16. coop1957

    Going Clipless! Anyone else?

    I like my G10 Dragonfly in the coin pocket without pocket clip. Anything larger gets clipped in frp.
  17. coop1957

    Native 5 - the perfect pocket knife?

    Almost perfect. A wire pocket clip would go a long way towards perfection.
  18. coop1957

    What knife brand can you just not walk away from?

    It was Spyderco for many years but Case has always my favorite brand. I always had a Case knife growing up. If Case went under or worse went off shore I would be devastated.
  19. coop1957

    New Catalog Sign-up?

    Yes. You need to request a catalog every year. It is not a perennial subscription.
  20. coop1957

    "Lifers" check in here...

    I joined here in 2002. Can't remember if I was looking for anything specific. My favorite knife at the time was my Benchmade 705. Have my interest in knives changed? Not a whole lot. I've always leaned toward 3 - 3.5 inch modern production knives. I have developed an interest in traditional...