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  1. otis williams

    the new ESEE Candiru... WTF??

    heh. candiru's thinner stock to begin with, i think saber was the way to go with that one... with the scales added, it's a good fit in my long skinny hands. just need to pick up a better sheath.
  2. otis williams

    Want a small, fixed blade for possible EDC...

    izula. best pocketknife ever.
  3. otis williams

    What Survival Knife should I get?

    you don't really need to lash your knife to the end of a stick to make a spear. sharpen a stick, fireharden the point if you want, and you have a spear and a knife. i'm partial to ESEE.
  4. otis williams

    ESSE Question?? D2 Steel or better options

    yes. better sheathing, great quality control, best warranty around.
  5. otis williams

    Esee forum

    check the archive.
  6. otis williams

    Izula cord wrap safety technique

    it has happened, more than once. i've had my izula pop out a time or two. just re-wrapped mine the other day, and taped it so as to not need stitches. better safe than bleeding.
  7. otis williams

    Battle L.A.

    i liked it. thought I saw a tan izula on a vest in one scene. came home, started channel surfing, and saw a movie on sy-fy called "battle of l.a." aliens vs. humans, but i couldn't stand to watch 5 minutes of it.
  8. otis williams

    Sign of the Apocalypse

    after about a year of my lady tolerating my ar build, when it was finally finished, we went to the range. she said "don't try to pressure me into shooting that thing." we have a couple of .22 pistols that she enjoys, so she planned on just shooting them. after me and a buddy put several rounds...
  9. otis williams

    Anything goes three...The trifecta of stoopid goes on.

    that seemed like a valid offer, crowdog. dunno why you got a chicklet. besides, it'd make the other 24 that much more valuable.
  10. otis williams

    Book of Eli (knife)

    hell, i liked both of them. the road was better, though. shows there's more to it than preparation. right place, right time kind of thing. book of eli was mis-marketed i think.
  11. otis williams

    Which AR 15 company has the best warranty and CS.

    just finished building my first a.r, bravo company upper on a hughes precision lower with a dpms parts kit. BCM has a great product, and i've heard their warranty's good, haven't needed to use it.
  12. otis williams

    When Push Comes To Shove - A Fixed Blade You Can Trust In.

    esee-6, given the blade limit. the 5's a good choice too. the bowdrill divot is a nice touch. i'd grab my junglas first though.
  13. otis williams

    I don't own an ESEE. Tell me why I should.

    i edc'd folders until the day i got my izula.
  14. otis williams

    What's a good, cheap chopper?

    machetes are pretty serious choppers, and are usually thin...
  15. otis williams

    I don't own an ESEE. Tell me why I should.

    well, there was that one south african company, but it was hollow ground and had a different name.
  16. otis williams

    Ever used your survival kit?

    i use my pocket kit pretty often, taking splinters out, starting fires, getting a bit of string or wire to play with... it comes in handy all the time, i haven't needed it in a survival situation, but i've become familiar with it, and been able to refine it to my needs.
  17. otis williams

    Red Dot Sights

    think i might get a primary to try out. i can't justify 400+ for a sight right now, hundred bucks could be doable.
  18. otis williams

    Looking for a couple of AR's

    noooo!!! just finished building my ESEE lower into an a.r. no money for another group buy right now! (i wonder if harford engraving would be willing to do another)
  19. otis williams

    Quick Question on Angle

    they're all 40 degrees inclusive, 20 per side.