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  1. ryan9977

    Weaver hand crank sewing machine

    Sky. Thanks for the info. Appreciate it. Ryan
  2. ryan9977

    Weaver hand crank sewing machine

    Anyone have any experience with the handcrank sewing machine that weaver leather sells? Ryan
  3. ryan9977

    Mini hatchet/tomahawks run

    Please update this thread when it’s on your site. I would be interested in a few. Thanks
  4. ryan9977

    Starting a conversation?

    How do you start a conversation with someone? For some reason I can’t figure it out. It’s a moderator if that makes a difference. Ryan
  5. ryan9977

    Northridge Tool 2"x72" Grinder

    How long did you wait after you placed your order
  6. ryan9977

    GPS-Inputting your own turn by turn directions?

    Thanks for the info. What about driving a route and have the gps save it while you’re driving? Is that possible Ryan
  7. ryan9977

    GPS-Inputting your own turn by turn directions?

    On a side note I looked on google and the only thing I can find are apps that let you put in addresses and it plans a route between them....I have to pick up and drop off at certain streets....there are also streets I can't travel on
  8. ryan9977

    GPS-Inputting your own turn by turn directions?

    hey guys, does anybody have any ideas?...im looking for a gps that I can put directions into ......it is a set route I have to follow and am not familiar with the area....I also have to turn at certain streets.....Certain. stops are just two cross streets, not necessarily a house or business...
  9. ryan9977

    Greatest "sleeper" chronograph ever

    How is it as far as scratches?...how long have u had it?...just curious, I like the marathons but this seems as nice and cheaper...thanks for the review. Ryan
  10. ryan9977

    Compressor for motorcycle and car tires?

    Thanks for th spots...I'm gonna go to lowes and get the porta cable I think it's called....its a hundred bucks on sale....I know a lot of bikers use the slime one on the road but I don't need one....if I get a flat I'm getTing my bike towed..lol...ryan
  11. ryan9977

    Compressor for motorcycle and car tires?

    Title says it all. I'd like to get a compressor for my motorcycle and car tires. Any suggestions. I'd like to keep it under a hundred dollars. Ryan
  12. ryan9977

    Does anyone use insoles for Plantar Faciites? If so, are they helpful and which make

    I had a lot of pain with pf...what did help was getting brooks running sneakers for a while. They were almost 200 dollars but they really did help....the insoles didn't do anything.....what really solved the problem was I lost a lot of weight....that actually fixed the problem.....I don't know...
  13. ryan9977

    Titanium Kubotan Giveaway

    I am in and like th efinish in the first pic....looks awesome...ryan
  14. ryan9977

    Something for everyone!

    Lorien. I sent you an email. Ryan
  15. ryan9977

    New Tai Goo set inbound!

    Thanks for looking. The one thing I like about Tai's work is it actually works as good as it looks. I've used a lot of his blades. Everything from rustic bush knives to high priced custom pieces and they all have performed flawlessly. Ryan
  16. ryan9977

    New Tai Goo set inbound!

    I have a neck knife,small bush knife and hawk coming from Tai Goo. Tai is one of my favorite makers and I'm sure none of these will disappoint. Just wanted to share a picture. Ryan
  17. ryan9977

    Help Needed: Knifemaker Identification

    Do u have a picture of the tai goo knife...I love his work and would love to see it....ryan
  18. ryan9977

    Wtt J.D. Smith damascus belt knife

    Hey everyone...I'd like to trade my jd smith Turkish firestorm damascus belt knife....has a beautiful sheath to go with it...if you're interested in a trade shoot me an email....rhurley9 at optonline dot net. I'm mostly interested in stuff from other journeyman or mastersmiths but I'm...
  19. ryan9977

    Chuck Burrows of Wild Rose Trading Company has passed

    i have some pieces from chuck and they are beyond anything I've seen before in terms of quality….he was a true artist….i wish i could have met him and shake his hand and tell him what i thought of his work in person….rip….ryan