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    Assortment of folders - Boker Kwaiken TI & FR TI

    I'll take the Ruike P128 and P801. Just need your PP info and the price for them.
  2. K

    ***ZT 0450 with Serial #0017***

    Payment sent. Thanks for the sale.
  3. K

    ***ZT 0450 with Serial #0017***

    I'll take it. Just need your PP info.
  4. K

    Zero Tolerance ZT 0609 RJ Martin NIB, with Pivot Tool

    How is the centering ? The last pick angle makes it look like it favors the show side.
  5. K

    All sold

    Payment sent
  6. K

    All sold

    I'll take the WE
  7. K

    5 folders

    If the sealion and shuriken are available, I'll take both.
  8. K

    Giedymin Katana and Blackjack Halo Attack 14

    I'd like seconds on the Blackjack
  9. K

    Happy Thanksgiving !!!

    And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and Aunty as well :)
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    Kami/Bean Medical Fund Raffle for 8/30

    Karda I am curious as to how many spots remain open for this raffle ?
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    Dashain Holidays and Festival Deals for 10/4

    Email sent on the CAK.
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    Shop Vishwakarma Puja Pictures

    Beautiful pictures. It is good to see that the Kami's and their families celebrating and having some fun. While I am still relatively new to the forums, I do appreciate all that they do and wish them all the best. I have a friend in Nepal who is doing missionary work. I am always happy to see...