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    A quick announcement!!!

    Congratulations! :thumbup:
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Garth Reckner!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Santa Ganza e-mail

    Tack! Kul att se en granne här ;-) Thank you all and congratulations on your scores!
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    Santa Ganza e-mail

    I sure hope it will work for me as well. The Rodent-7 seems to fit the bill just right. Not too big but still big enough to baton well and even be a decent chopper if needed. :)
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    Santa Ganza e-mail

    Thank you!
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    Santa Ganza e-mail

    Thanks! I hope I will get along with the R7s rather unusual handle shape. Do you own a Rodent-7 since before?
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    Santa Ganza e-mail

    I got the #27 Busse Boss Jack no choil and the #33 Swamp Rat Rodent 7 I look forward to using them as soon as they get here to Sweden!
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    Santa Ganza e-mail

    Thank you Lexi and Garth for very fast customer service! I got everything I was trying for :thumbup: :D
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    How about a Give-A-Way!?

    This must be it. T-shirt time!
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    How about a Give-A-Way!?

    Did I win?
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    Karesuando Singi & Nallo

    I realy like your reviews! Thanks!
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    Me Needs A New Axe...Suggestions?

    Take a look at Fiskars axes. I have been using one hard and it has never let me down.
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    Strider PT Giveaway

    Wow! Im in! Thanks!