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    My first knife

    They are great people and they love what they do so much. His work is of good quality at a very resanoble price. I feel very fortunate to have been given this chance to have met such great people.
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    My first knife

    It is a 4.5" blade handle about the same length. Heat threat done under the supervision of my teacher Chase Axinn of chaxknives.com. He showed me the ropes gave me a bit grind time on a junker then left me to make or break my blade. Giving me pointers along the way and trying to steer me...
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    Benchmade 440C chipping?

    Send it to Benchmade and have the service department look at it. Have them oil the knife and chage out the washer for bronze washers while you are at it. I have heard of very few incidents you describe and only on 440C and 154CM. It can be use and abuse or bad luck no one is perfect and no...
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    Benchmade 710 or 520 presidio?

    I use both and cary both and well it's kind of a toss up. The 710HS is great, slim, good blade lenght and great cutter. You will be hard pressed to find something better out there, it is a tried and true knife that is loved by many and I have not seen many bad reviews or negative comments...
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    My first knife

    Hey guys this is a picture of my very first knife. I made it from O1 tools steel, the scales are Blue Tweed G-10. It's modified off the Nimravus design by Benchmade.
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    Here are two pictures of scales I had done by Chase Axinn of chaxknives.com for my 520A persidio.
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    First impressions; BM 710HS

    Congrats and welcome to the 710HS lovers club. It is without a certainly one heck of knife. Most of us 710HS owners have abuse stories of this blade that would scare any other knife owner but not us because we know it can do it.
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    Does anyone know....

    Not to say you don't know what you are talking about but are you certain that the screws are Torx head and not Allen Key or some other funky type of head.
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    Hayes Tanto - Thoughts??

    I do not have the pleasure of currently owning any of Wally's piece but I must say they are very good. I know Wally personaly and can say that his level of quality is far above others. His designs are simple yet very effective and all his blades are sharp and great. I know that he has a...
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    Quality folder suggestions?

    BM 710HS, BM 806D2, Spy Milatary S30V, Al Mar SERE
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    What is Talonite? Why is it so Pricey?

    Thankx Guys for good actual replies.
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    Darn it! - Lost my knife - suggestions?

    Don't loose your knife.
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    A picture says a thousand words... Dont buy cheap swords!

    Hey guys can't get the link to open. Can anyone e-mail it to me.
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    What is Talonite? Why is it so Pricey?

    Ok so what is Talonite I gather it is a steel or steel type product. Is it comparable to anything out there say S30V, D2, M2, O1??? Why is it so much more expencive?$?$?$?$?$?$?$?$?$
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    A couple of questions about the Benchmade Rescue Hook

    You can get that changed to. Just box it and send it back to BKC and they should swap your Recue hook's Nylon POS( I agree I changed mine) for a molded plastic one. Much much better.
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    help me pick...

    BM 94X series nice size, slim, good blade. Good choise of steels in special editions. Regular 154CM. I'm a big pawed guy and I love my 940D2CF for EDC duties and it will hold up to more then one cartboard box.
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    Best Wishes to all!!!

    Well Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this Holiday. To the others Best of wishes and good times in your various celebrations. Happy New Year to all may this new year hold for you all happiness, joy and peace. I thank you all for the info and collaborations this year and look forward to...
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    "Outdoors" folder or auto

    The BM 710HS or 806D2 would be great the 550 Grip is also a great outdoors user most likely one of the best alround user abuser that BM has made in the last little while. Good enought to do just about anything cheap enough not to cause major mental break downs should you loose it. Since you...
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    Benchy Nimravus Cub?

    Nimravus Cub is great I love my full size Nim but have used a smaller one for a while great knife for light to medium fixed blade duty. Small enough for EDC.
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    Carbon knives

    It is important to note that high carbon is a factor but you must also factor in alloying elements. CPM S30V has 1.45 % Carbon O1 has .85 to 1.0 D2 has 1.40 to 1.60 M2 has .95 to 1.05 although O1 and M2 have lower carbon % they hold an edge better typical of higher carbon blades. Also...